One of the best sayings ever uttered is “A healthy person has a thousand wishes, a sick person only one”. When our health is intact and everything is working like a well-oiled machine, we have the luxury to desire everything else in the world. However, the minute something feels off inside, we instantly forget all our other wishes and just hope and pray that there is nothing seriously wrong with us. Now, we’re not saying that your list of New Year’s resolutions shouldn’t include other wishes as well – we’re only human after all. However, let’s put health on top of the list this year. As said, without it, all the other wishes become irrelevant, so let’s try and focus on making this year the year of health. If you don’t know where and how to start, worry not – we’re here to guide you so you can take the best possible care of both your physical and mental health, and of course, take care of the little things so they don’t become huge concerns.

Mind what you eat


One of the best ways to keep your immune system intact, your gut flora in spick and span shape, and everything working like clockwork – especially during this winter cold and flu season is to be more mindful of what you allow to enter your body. Even the ancient Ayurveda medicine believes that every person should foster the kind of dietary lifestyle that is compatible with their dosha. Then we have Western medicine that believes in eating right for your body type, level of tolerance towards certain foods, and even your blood type, lifestyle and genetic factors. So, the first order of business, aside from turning to superfoods that will boost your immune system, is to pay a visit to a physician, a real nutritionist, who will establish exactly what types of foods should be incorporated in your diet most. Who knows, you may discover that you’ve been ‘loading up’ on something that your body just isn’t able to process right. Lesson: never underestimate the importance of proper diet, and consult a real professional in your pursuit of healthy diet goals.

In case going gets tough


Sleeping on poor mattresses, lack of physical activity, genetic predisposition, arthritis, smoking and sedentary lifestyle – these are all the factors that can contribute to back pain, which often spreads to leg pain. Now, as medical professionals state, these are usually acute pains that can be solved with rest or exercise. However, not everyone is so lucky to recuperate from back pain or an injury just like that. Sometimes there are more severe consequences that come from an injury or a certain lifestyle that simply demand surgical intervention. When something like this occurs, you only want the best surgeon, someone who has an impeccable reputation and a high success rate. In Australia, and all over the world for that matter, neuro and spine surgeon Timothy Steel is a man of renowned precision, skill and innovative techniques that make him one of the most coveted surgeons in his field. These procedures are risky by nature, so in case push comes to shove, don’t play games with your life and your mobility – seek only the best doctors and settle for nothing less.

Pay another visit

While on checkups, make sure that every year, including the beginning of this one, you get a comprehensive full physical examination. This includes complete bloodwork – cholesterol and fat levels, iron, hormones – everything. Next up is the heart – you want to make sure the ticker is in spick and span shape, as it’s the organ holding everything together. Your medical history is something that will be taken into account – your lifestyle and your genetic predisposition to certain illnesses. Your blood pressure will be checked – very important and highly dictates your lifestyle and habits. Then, there is the lung exam, kidneys, liver, and thyroid – the whole shebang. Of course, most of us pass these examinations with flying colors, with a few pieces of advice and minor concerns (that we take into account, of course). However, a physical should always be on your annual list as it can help discover something while it’s still easily treatable. With so many people coming down with serious illnesses that were undetected in time, you definitely don’t want to risk it. Once a year and you get your peace of mind. It truly is a small price to pay.

The scary doctor


Regular visits to the dentist should be absolutely mandatory. Even when we don’t feel any pain, we never know what is going on with our beloved pearly choppers, and every now and then, we need to have them checked. Aside from that, oral health isn’t just about having beautiful and healthy teeth and gums. When something wrong with teeth is left untreated, it can cause a whole range of other health issues, from oral cancer and diabetes to serious heart issues. So, for the sake of not only a killer smile but incredible and intact body, please, pretty please, never skip your dentist appointments.

Stress and its friends

We finally live in an age when the stigma around mental health is finally being removed. We lead hectic lives, filled with stress, and aside from body health issues, stress is one of the main causes of such mental conditions as depression and anxiety. Now, following the mantra of ‘better safe than sorry’, we could all benefit from the scientifically proven benefits of meditation, a practice that has the power to relieve us of stress and keep mental issues at bay. However, if you have already noticed signs of depression, anxiety or any other mental and spiritual problem, you have to know that seeking help is a definite must. Paying a visit to a therapist is just like going to the dentist – mental health is no different from physical, so please, never neglect your mental wellbeing. If you notice there is something wrong, address it before it becomes less manageable.


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