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World’s famous tattoo techniques from INK/FLORENCE Convention




The INK/Florence Tattoo Convention is already a well knowntradition. This year, on the 18th, 19th and 20th of November the most famous tattoo artists got together for the 9th edition of the event. We could say that the best part was the fact that it wasn’t only for insiders, as any curious eye could participate in the artists demonstrations. Also, It wasn’t only about tattoos; the convention included music, circus shows for the kids and a body piercing section. In brief, a complete event satisfying different people.

Among the artists that participated to INK/Florence Tattoo Convention we found Greger (Greece – Sensus Art Tattoo Family), Geno (Italy), Homz Santiago (Buchs, Switzerland), Steve Soto (United States), Robert Hernandez (Spain) and many others. Some of the artists participated in the contests that were organised for the event. The winners of the various categories participated to the “Best in show” competition.


One of the most interesting aspects of the INK/Florence Tattoo Convention 2016 was the demonstration of different cultures’ traditional techniques. The Japanese, Thai, Polish, Danish tattoo artists performed quite a show demonstrating their talents.

 ink art

Apart from the above named shows and contests, there was also a sketch contest. This time it was different, outside the box we could say. The competition wasn’t about the artist’s technical skills. It was about them showing their artistic intelligence, and their imagination in 30 minutes. The artists had the freedom of choosing the subject and the style they preferred.

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by Monica Ciolompu

Photos by Marco Castelli



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