Work Experience


Work experience with Ondine will give you first-hand knowledge and exposure of the fashion industry. You can then use this new knowledge to demonstrate to future employer’s personal competency as well as your ability to work in a highly dynamic environment with many competing demands.
We take interns to work on our Features as well as our Fashion and Beauty departments. All positions with Ondine are full-time and unpaid. Previous experience with other magazines or newspapers is preferred however not essential.
Work placement in our Features department lasts for at least two months, Fashion internships from three to six months while Beauty work experience varies. You must be over 18 to apply


At Ondine we take work experience seriously as this is a chance for professional development in the industry. We will not be sending you on coffee runs, laundry pick-ups or running unnecessary errands. We strive to give you as much insight and hands on experience as we can so you can make informed decisions about your future career pathway.
If you are interested and meet the requirements above, please e-mail a C.V. and cover letter to
Please note, only successful candidates will be contacted due to the high volume of applications received
Getting a paid internship/entry-level job at a company is when the work really starts. Many schools have internship programs, but if not there are lots of places you can apply to for work. To start, shop your portfolio to existing fashion houses, who are always looking for help. You can also try costume departments for TV sets or look online. An internship is necessary, even if you plan to go out on your own, because it teaches you about collaboration. As a designer you will more often than not have to work with others; if you are difficult or too self-absorbed you will not go far. It also gives you time to perfect your style and technique; you could even pick up some tricks from those around you. Plus, it gives you opportunities and connections that may help you when you branch out. Fashion design is a creative, challenging, but extremely rewarding field for those with a passion for it. It requires true dedication and drive, as you must claw your way to the top. While the work is hard, it is also extremely satisfying, allowing you to do what few only imagine: making dreams a reality. It is art in its purest form and a great industry to be a part of. Remember, even Donna Karan started somewhere.