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Winter can be very detrimental to your hair due to all the extreme temperatures, strong winds and moisture-sucking indoor heating. Seasonal depression also doesn’t help when it comes to us taking the best care of our locks. However, if you hit the stores and buy a few quality products for your hair, you can keep your mane hydrated, shiny, healthy and safe from matting and breakage. If you continue reading, you’ll find a few products and accessories you have to have at hand this winter season. 

Heat protection

In the summer, you can leave your hair to dry naturally and skip all those heat styling tools. However, even though we all know how heat can dehydrate and damage your hair, it’s not always possible to air dry in the winter. So, if you need some help from your hairdryer, invest in some sort of heat protection. Every time you’re about to grab a hairdryer, put on some heat protectant first to prevent your strands from drying and damaging effect of hot tools. Also, there are many products on the market similar to Fructis Air Dry Anti-Frizz Cream which can ensure easy and smooth air drying.  


Most people complain about hair dehydration during the winter, but that’s not all. Dry winter air can easily statically charge your strands and cause those naughty fly-aways. To prevent that phenomenon, it’s best to have some quality hairspray on hand. Put on just a little bit after styling and your hairdo will stay in place even on the days you need to wear a hat. 

Leave-in conditioner

Winter months and their cold air make our locks susceptible to dehydration which leads to that unwanted dull and dry look no one wants. No matter if you keep your hair natural or if you have extensions, one great way to combat dryness is to use an instant leave-in conditioner that will keep the moisture in all day and put a stop to frizzing. At least once a week, have a pampering day and surprise your hair with some deep conditioning. If you’re due for an extension appointment, you can also opt for highest-quality Russian virgin hair that matches most western hair types the best. These hair extensions are very fine, so they will only slightly wave when exposed to winter rain or snow, so you don’t have to bother with straightening and damaging your hair with other heating tools. 

Hair serum

Hair serums are one of the best things that happened to the hair industry in a while. They have the ability to feed, moisturize and nourish your hair, especially when it gets a little bit dry and dull. Your hair serum will put the shine back in your hair and also help with the frizz. Since they are loaded with natural oils and other moisturizing ingredients, you only need a few drops! 

Dry shampoo

Over-washing is never a good idea, especially in winter, when your hair needs all the natural oils and protection it can get. So, if you’re used to frequent washing, try dry shampoo during the winter months. This product will refresh your hair without exposing your hair to unnecessary dehydration. 

Natural-bristle hairbrush

This is a winter must many overlook, however, having the right brush can make a great difference to your hair. For instance, something made with natural bristles can help you distribute your hair’s natural oils more evenly, leaving you with healthy and shiny hair. 

Like we established above, cold, wind, snow and rain can all damage your hair, so when you know you’ll be spending a lot of time outside exposed to the extreme winter elements, it’s best to grab a hat or a scarf to prevent your hair from tangling, drying out and breaking. On other days, you just use these aforementioned hair care products and your hair won’t even notice how hostile it is outside! 


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