Everybody loves to dance! Since we were small children, we have been moving our bodies to the beat, enjoying the fun it provides. Along the way, a lot of people develop the feeling of shame or fear of judgment, thinking that their dancing is not good enough. But the truth is: dancing is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It is a mix of sport and art that allows us to express ourselves through moving our bodies. And if you need more proof that you should sign up for a local class as soon as possible, here’s some.

Fun way to stay fit

How many times have you joined a gym and never went because you thought of going to the gym as absolute torture? Now remember that feeling when you were a child, running around until you were completely exhausted, but the smile still never leaving your face. Doing something you enjoy that makes you move your body is the best way to stay active. It is perfect for people of all ages, all abilities and all sizes. With so many different types of dance available, everyone can find something that they will enjoy and regularly attend – not because they have to work out, but because they wholeheartedly enjoy it.

Engage the body and the mind

All dancing is different, and no two people dance the same way, even if they are doing the same choreography. Dancing is something that comes from within, and it takes a lot of skill to perform. With free-flowing dance, that is done without choreography, you can let your mind wander and let your emotions control your body. But with a lot of other, be it competitive dance or anything in pairs, you have to keep your mind sharp. Especially with high demand dances, forgetting to prepare a single joint can mean serious injury. So engage your mind and soul and go dance it out. Research has shown that dancing has improved people’s walking speed, reaction time, as well as fine motor performance.

Your heart will thank you

Dance is a sport regularly recommended to people in the later stages of their life, because it is a great and fun way to get their heart pumping without the risk of overworking it. When you are enjoying yourself, you know when to stop, and you won’t accidentally work yourself too hard, as it is often done with other activities. Dancing is perfect for weight control, since it provides regular exercise, and it is extremely healthy for your heart – both physically and emotionally.

Always room for improvement

Dance is something that is never perfect, and the best dancers in the world have to work extremely hard to push themselves to new heights and maintain their rhythm. Dance engages all of your muscles, and trains your endurance, all the while helping you with body coordination and balance. The ones who master the art are not only proud owners of many gorgeous dance trophies, but they are also strong, graceful athletes that serve as inspiration to many. If you want to get better at dancing, you can always focus on working your core muscles, improving your body strength or stamina, or you can simply practice balance through yoga or pointing your toes through hundreds of small, repetitive movements.

So the next time you hear a song and feel like dancing to it, don’t be afraid to get up and move your body. Worst case scenario: you will enjoy yourself and the flow of your movements. And if it goes well, you might inspire others to get up and dance with you. We all want to – so why shouldn’t we?


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