Who am I ??

A celebrity or A Superstar or A Model or an actor/ actress or A famous player or A famous writer / director !!
12509342_1694494070774659_6182766118950494483_nMany people, most of whom I will never meet, are interested in me because of my fame. Apart from this famous persona, who am I in reality deep down? What are my qualities, characteristics, positive traits that I have as a human being? What have I learned so far in my life, what knowledge and experience have I gained .What is my educational background and have I used that positively? How far have I developed myself, how much have I actually matured? How I am dealing with other people? How honest and helpful am I to others? How much have I kept my real intention crystal clear to everyone? How much have I moved on with modern civilized world? What qualities have I apart from just being a well known celebrity figure? Yes, celebrities can remain in people’s hearts by their work (acting, modelling, playing, writing a book etc etc) but when you are good person deep inside it definitely does reflect on your work. It is very important to possess the basic human qualities of honesty, truthfulness, integrity, fairness, kindness and compassion towards your fellow human beings. If you have all these qualities then by all means enjoy the fame and admiration that comes with being a well known celebrity but never compromise on the basic human qualities that all of us, celebrities or otherwise, should strive to possess.
For those who admire celebrities, it is important to remember that apart from their talent and fame, they are just human beings and they possess all the traits that we as human beings have. They have their weaknesses, their flaws, they make mistakes and bad judgements just as all of us do. Being in the public eye means that some of them suffer more for their mistakes but it can also mean that some of them make more of an effort to conceal their faults and failings. Just be aware that nobody is perfect and do not get too carried away to the extent that a celebrity is elevated to a status of being above human level. Stay grounded, by all means admire them for their talent but never compromise on your own qualities and integrity as you do so.


by Maksuda Akhter





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