Waterford Walls

Waterford Walls Ireland’s Only Open Air Gallery Festival And An Interview With One Of The Street Artist’s Fintan Magee.

Waterford Walls
‘Half glass full’ By Fintan Magee

Waterford Walls is an International Street Art Festival which has been running for the past three years with 40 street artist’s who turn 40 derelict buildings into beautiful art work throughout the City of Waterford.


It’s a Street Art Festival with a difference and is very unique, Waterford Walls Street Art Festival has entertainment for everyone with six workshops including stencil making, spray painting, t-shirt and BYO runner print, street dancing and graff writing. There is also 3 art jams, 5 guided art trails and live music and food stalls in two of the hub areas in Waterford City (O’Connell St & New Street Gardens). There will be an expert panel talk with Tomm Moore (Founder of Cartoon Salon) Joe Caslin ( Irish visual Artist) and Edel Tobin  (Founder & Manager of Waterford Walls)




The Street Art festival will be running between the 17th – 20th of August. This is a festival not to be missed great for art lovers, kids and families, I highly recommend it from previous experience.

We also had the opportunity to interview Fintan Magee a very well know Australian Street Artist who has displayed his street art worldwide and his paintings and installations have been in numerous galleries, Fintan will be painting at this year’s Waterford Walls.


waterford walls
‘The Rebuild’ By Fintan Magee In Ukraine.


Ondine’s Interview With Fintan Magee

Hi Fintan, Thanks for taking the time to chat with Ondine Magazine. How are you?

Good, I am in Turkey right now, I just finished a new project here, my next stop is Beirut then Waterford.


It’s absolutely lovely to see Waterford City being lifted with beautiful display’s of graffiti, are you looking forward to coming to Waterford for ‘Waterford Walls’?

Yeah I am definitely excited. I always have a good time working in Ireland.


Can you give us an insight into what you will create for ‘Waterford Walls’?

I am still not sure what my concept is, As I’m doing some research now but I always like to spend some time in the town I am working in to get a feel for the place before I make my final decision on what I will paint exactly.


Were you into art at an early age?

Yes both of my parents were artist’s and they actually met at an art school. My father now works as an art teacher and my mum is an architect. So I was raised around drawing materials so it always came naturally.


You have a very mixed portfolio ,If you where to pick one type of technique what would it be?

I still really enjoy the process of painting so for me that is always number 1.


Where can we purchase your painting’s?

I don’t have any work available online at the moment but I have a few different galleries I’m currently working with. My next show is in Paris in September at Gallerie Mathgoth. If any one would like to receive a catalogue for the show please email me: info@fintanmagee.com or alternatively then can contact the Gallery.



We really liked your installation’s, your recent one ‘Domestic bliss’ is really quirky. Will you be bringing any to Ireland or the U.K?

Hopefully I can soon, I am still mostly recognized as a muralist so I don’t get approached by galleries in Ireland or the UK that often. If an opportunity arises to create an installation I will jump on it though.

Waterford Walls
‘Domestic Bliss’ An Installation Which Was Displayed In Nu Art Festival By Fintan Magee


Waterford WallsOne to watch is a local Lady, Louise Mc Kenna. Louise has art running through her blood and has been creating for over 7 years,  She is recently new to Graffiti transferring her sketch’s and canvas to street art , you really only have look at her work to see her attention to detail and she is completely self taught. Pictured above is one of my favorite pieces from Louise’s portfolio called ‘Feet Firmly On The Ground

You can view some of Louise’s work on her Instagram

You can also go to www.waterfordwalls.ie   where you will see the list of all the artist’s creating at the event and donations are excepted through Waterford Walls website. We would love to thank the Founder & Manager Edel Tobin and her wonderful team for bringing this Street Art Festival to Waterford City.




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