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What to wear BELGIAN STYLE

As the Ondine team came to visit me some days ago to Belgium, I was thinking about the kind of clothes you can wear to get a “Belgian style” and I decide to write about some Belgian brand that are still small ones and  you have no chance to get to know if you are not in Belgium. I think it is a shame because they are quite innovative but easy to wear at the same time. So here we go with the Belgian brand tour:

Be Burlin: bags for all days

wear belgian

Be Burlin is a true revolution, A range of bags essential to any contemporary woman. The passionate, the fashion enthusiast and the epicurean who believes that combining aesthetics and practical life is no contradiction but merely common sense. Her best ally for the unexpected, the Be Burlin bag is a champion in adaptation: in just one click, it turns into a backpack! Ingenious, it doesn’t give up on style and if it could talk, it would probably tell us that “A smile is the prettiest thing a woman can wear” Wouldn’t you agree?

Where to find them? hello@beburlin.com www.beburlin.com

Belge une fois : printed jersey, and much more

wear belgian

Belge une fois, couldn’t be more representative of Belgium.  Natacha and Arthur are 2 young graphic designers for publicity and cinema, with a mind full of imagination and creativity. Their brand “belge une fois” is a history of what we called in Belgium “ la belgitude “, mix between the words “Belgium” and “attitude”. They use lots of typical sentences from Belgium, to turn some common object into something special, always with humor and as they say, “made with love”.

 www.belgeunefois.be and www.belgeunefois.com

And least but not last, Vela Lingerie

wear belgian

The Belgian fashion designer, Barbara Romano bought the Italian brand Vela Lingerie 10 years ago. This brand created in 1926 in Italy, where the products are still made by hand. All the models are realised with the special size of the customers in the Vela Shop, near Charleroi but you can also buy Barbara’s creations in her e-shop! Tatiana Silva, ex Miss Belgium is the new muse of the collection Vela Rosa, made for the breast cancer victims.

barbara@velalingerie.be www.velalingerie.com.




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