Personal style is something we all need to feel complete. This isn’t just about fashion and clothes – it’s about feeling confident about who you are and making a connection with yourself on a more visible level, which often leads to an even deeper connection. You could say that finding and refining your personal style is another way to achieving mindfulness. After all, you need to accept and love yourself in order to pinpoint the right style for you. Therefore, it’s essential that you feel good, comfortable and true to yourself when it comes to the outfits you’re wearing. Even though this may sound easy at first, when you think about all the different life situations, it can actually become quite challenging to stick with your personal style, and even recognize it! The following tips can help and guide you when it comes to expressing yourself with the way you dress.

Feel free to seek inspiration

This is a very important step that many people deliberately try to neglect because they fear losing their uniqueness. But you don’t have to copy others in order to feel inspired by them. What’s more, finding different models, fashion influencers and styles online will only make things easier for you. A great way to make a collection of outfits and styles that inspire you is to create your Pinterest board where you will save everything you stumble upon online that feels like something you would absolutely love to wear. You don’t have to like absolutely everything about the outfits. Writing down different items, features and characteristics of the outfits on the pictures will clearly show what you’re drawn to the most.

Gather the courage to declutter

One of the biggest enemies of finding your personal style is the amount of clothes you have in your wardrobe that you don’t wear, don’t like, and/or don’t match your own taste at all. Even if some of the things are new, don’t hesitate to declutter them. After all, you can gift or donate them. But, if you’re determined to express yourself completely through what you wear and finally feel content with your style, you really need to get rid of all those items that take away the space and make you feel guilty and confused about your own preferences.

Don’t be afraid to be authentic

A lot of people ignore their own likes and dislikes constantly just because they may be required to wear a certain attire at work. It’s time to liberate yourself and your style from these limits. Even if you have to follow certain rules at work, that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring a dose of uniqueness into your work outfits. More importantly, it most definitely doesn’t mean that you can’t dress the way you like in your free time! Your free time is and always will be a time for yourself. With that in mind, you don’t even need to wait for special occasions to wear something that makes you feel great. Does a gorgeous steampunk dress make you feel special, comfortable and true to yourself? Then wear it! Does a combo of a leather biker jacket and pants make you feel powerful and confident? Own up to that feeling! Do you enjoy the world more when in crazy high heels? Then make the most out of them every step you take!

Balance your lifestyle, goals and fashion likes

As mentioned, adding authenticity and uniqueness to your wardrobe is nothing to be afraid of – it’s recommended. But, you probably can’t be as authentic as you may want all the time. This is why it is paramount to balance your wardrobe the same way you balance your life. And, in all honesty, sometimes seemingly insignificant things like balancing and creating a wardrobe that you like can help with much bigger responsibilities such as reaching a healthy life balance. So, don’t fill your wardrobe only with items that are work-appropriate, items that are all casual or items that are all as out-there as possible. Always plan your shopping trips so that you can successfully mix and match almost everything you own. And put some effort into finding clothes that fit all aspects of your life but still match your taste. Remember, having a personal style doesn’t mean that you have to like and wear only one specific type of clothing. It means that you know how to pick and choose your garments to dress well for every situation, and still love how you look.

None of the above-mentioned tips won’t be of much use if you’re stuck in the unhealthy mindset dictated by your dress size. Don’t wait to lose or gain weight, or get fitter to be who you are. If you are determined to change yourself, embrace your own personal style first!


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