DAPHNE SELFE unusual fashion models

Coming from Britain, Daphne is the oldest super model at 86. She has appeared on runways around the world and has graced the pages of Vogue and Vanity Fair. She has been modelling since she was younger but was recently signed to the top modelling agency Models 1. She states that she has her parents to thank for her great genes and that botox is a waste of time.



amazon eve unusual fashion models

Transgender model Amazon Eve was an unusually tall teenager standing at 6’8″ tall who was subject to bullying from her classmates. She thought that she would always be a freak, but soon discovered the legendary tales of Amazonian women and embraced her height. In 2011 she was crowned ‘World’s Tallest Model’ by The Guinness Book of World Records and went on to land a part on American Horror Story: Freak Show.



casey legler unusual fashion models

Casey is a former Olympic swimmer from France and she currently lives in New York City. She is the first female model signed to Ford Modelling Agency that works exclusively as a male model. She landed her first gig as a model when her friend, Cass Bird, invited her to portray a male model in a photoshoot for Muse Magazine.



alex misnky unusual fashion models

Three weeks into his first tour in Afghanistan his Humvee run over a roadside bomb resulting in a loss of his right leg. After spending 47 days in coma, Alex made a full recovery and was discovered by  a modeling agent while at a gym in Los Angeles.



JILLIAN MERCADO unusual fashion models

Born and raised in New York City, Jillian is a fashion blogger with cerebral palsy and spastic muscular dystrophy . Although she originally to a modelling diversity campaign as a joke , she was not only hired for Diesel’s campaign, but has since been booked to model for Nordstrom. Jillian was recently signed with Red Models in New York.



LEA T unusual fashion models

Brazilian born model Lea T is one of the most in demand models in the fashion world. As an openly transgender model, she is breaking barriers by becoming the first transgender model to be the face of a global cosmetic brand: Redken. She made her debut in Givenchy’s 2010 Autumn Winter campaign and has even posed nude for French Vogue.



liu xianping unusual fashion models

74 year old Liu originally started posing in outfits from his granddaughter’s store as a joke. His attempt at modelling went viral when his granddaughter posted the pictures of him wearing fashionable women clothes online. In a happy twist, his modelling drove her sales through the roof and Liu is content that his modelling is helping his granddaughter financially.



RICK GENEST unusual fashion models

Canadian born Rick the Zombie Boy was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor and while spending 6 months waiting for surgery he had plenty of time to contemplate his life. He decided to take on an anarchist lifestyle as well as fully tattooing himself as a living skeleton and worked for a variety of freak shows. During this time , he gained an internet following and eventually appeared in Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’


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