mikel ruffinelli unusual fashion model

Unusual Fashion Models Part 3


shaun ross unusual fashion models

Shaun is an American born model of African descent who is well known for being the first male albino model. After being bullied for his appearance for many years, he was eventually discovered via YouTube and went on to start modelling at the age of 16. He is currently signed with AMCK Models London and has appeared in Italian Vogue and Katy Perry’s E.T. Music Video.



tess munster unusual fashion model

Tess gained worldwide attention when she became the first model of her size to sign to a national modelling agency. At 5’5″ in a dress size 22, her weight has been a subject of controversy in the news due to the perceived unhealthy lifestyle that she leads. She describes herself as a body positivity activist and is frequently featured as a role model on ‘Fatshion’ blogs.



omahyra mota unusual fashion model

Omahyra Mota is a famous androgynous model who models both as a male and a female. This is fairly unusual in the fashion world, as agents and design firms want models who are completely dedicated to one look or another. Omahyra made an appearance as an actress in 2006 in the movie ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’



mikel ruffinelli unusual fashion model

Mikel Ruffinelli weights 420 pounds (190 kg) , and according to The Guinness Book of World Records , has the largest hips in the world. Her hips measure out to about 8 feet (2.4m) total, and she has gathered quite a lot of attention . She consumes about 5.000 calories per day to maintain her figure, and she has found a lot of success working as a plus size model.


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