melanie gaydos unusual model


madelinde stuart unusual model

18 year old Madeline Stuart has Down Syndrome and made her debut as a runway model during New York Fashion Week in 2015 modeling for FTL Moda. She had her start when she posted modeling photos on her Facebook page. , which then got viral, and jump started her modeling career. It just got to show you that people from all walks of life can become a model.



chantelle brown-young unusual model

Professionally known as Winnie Harlow, Chantelle Brown-Young has a skin condition called Vitiligo. She was featured in the 21st cycle of the hit show America’s Next Top Model. The Canadian model finds that she is getting consistent work despite having two different skin shades.  But fashion designers and photographers have instead enhanced her unusual looks and are reaching a wider audience with her image gracing the runways.



kanya sesser unusual model

Kanya Sesser was born in Thailand , and was abandoned at a Buddhist temple as a baby because she was born without legs. Eventually, she was adopted by a family in Portland Oregon, and lived a pretty normal life. She decided to pursue modelling , despite having no legs from the hip down. As it turns out, Kanya has become a very successful lingerie model and earns about $1000 a day.



moffy unusual model

Moffy has all the qualifications to become a mainstream model . She is beautiful, she has the body type, but there is one thing that used to hold her back: her eyes are crossed. What people could say is a major distraction from the product or the photography. , has turned out to be a unique and unusual quality that has drown in audience from all over the world.



melanie gaydos unusual model

Melanie Gaydos is 27 years old and has ectodermal dysplasia, which is a genetic disorder that affects the growth of teeth, nails, pores, cartilage and bones. As a result, Melanie has no hair or teeth. But she hasn’t let that factor stop her from living her dreams as a mainstream fashion model. While she may seem to be unusual, she has become an inspiration for others who are living with her condition.


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