When I met Menra she immediately blew out my mind: she was totally not the way I expected. In an antic Vienese altbau house with wooden doors and big windowsills, with a creative hairdo and a cigarette in the hand, she was a modern day Rembrandt. On my way, I imagined a diligently dressed photographer who would stress me about my own sense of style, but she was so different. Calmly offering me a mug with a hot tea, she asked a few questions, curious to know what kind of bird I am. Soon she stood up and told we should start.
“Here?!” I involuntarily exclaimed. Somehow I was absolutely not expecting to be shot right at the venue.
“Here, here”, she nodded. “Why, you have any other specific place on mind?”
I didn’t. I knew Menra was an experienced photographer and it was wiser to trust here eye.
So we went out of the flat and started shooting. Another surprise: the entrance hall and big panoramic windows alone gave a lot of grounds for creative ideas. We went into the inner yard and I was playing around the walls in my black leather boots. Later we also went out to the street, and I still remember how a little boy passing by looked at me with admiration: “how beautiful!” I was incredibly flattered. People liked our work already in process. Menra was satisfied with results too what was also delightful to notice.
I carefully selected outfits feeling a bit hectic and nervous before a shoot as usual. Menra did her magic and a few days later I got these intriguingly appealing, wonderful works where two diametrically opposite images of a city gipsy and a rock girl were harmonically intertwined.

Female Model: Dora
Photographer: MeRna El-mohasel


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