UltraDEX One GO mouthwash is an innovative new liquid mouthwash sachet that gives 12 hour fresh breath on the go.

Use One GO for those busy in-between periods when you are out all day and need to feel fresh and confident. These handy sachets not only freshen breath instantly, they also protect teeth and gums against build up of harmful bacteria.

Wherever you are, or whatever you do, you can now be fresh-breath confident with One GO mouthwash. Simply rinse one liquid sachet around the mouth as and when required, to instantly leave your mouth feeling clean, healthy and fresh.

The unique travel pack sizes make them perfect for Summer festivals, beach and BBQs, and carrying on the plane for long haul flights.

Each box contains 10 handy OneGO sachets.

UltraDEX is backed by scientific research – clinically proven to eliminate bad breath instantly, it also to ensure healthy, daily oral care. It also helps restore natural whiteness to teeth by gently lifting everyday stains.

Mint flavoured, UltraDEX OneGO is available from 1st April 2019 from pharmacies Nationwide, including

Bradleys, Hickeys, Allcare, Life, McCauleys, Total Health, Haven, Careplus, Adrian Dunne

One GO Mouthwash RRP €6.29 / £5.00 for box of 10 sachets


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