We keep hearing about how coffee is bad for us and that we should kick the habit or at least get it under control. However, no one has been telling us how coffee can be good for our body and general wellbeing and there are positive aspects of it, even more than we would have imagined. So, what are these benefits that everyone’s been hiding from us? Let’s find out and instantly feel better about our favorite rituals.

Boosting physical performance

Caffeine increases our adrenaline levels, so it makes sense for it to make your workout more efficient. Try it yourself, have a cup of coffee an hour before a run or hitting the gym and witness an improvement in your own performance. It is said it can improve up to 12%. Make your own experiment and test the theory. Pretty soon, you’ll be having coffee before every workout.

Increasing energy levels

We all started out by wanting to stay awake longer or to wake up faster by drinking coffee. It wasn’t until later on that we drank coffee with friends as a ritual without any specific reason but socializing. It’s true that coffee raises our energy levels as it contains caffeine which is the main stimulant responsible for our brain function. It is shown that coffee actually improves parts of our brain function such as memory, vigilance and general cognitive function.

Helps burning fat

This may come as a surprise, but the truth is that almost every fat burning product has certain amounts of caffeine. Caffeine actually helps our fat cells break down body fat and even use it as fuel for training. That’s why it can be found in many supplements. What’s more, it’s one of the very few natural substances with this effect and that’s why it’s special. Some studies point out that caffeine can boost your metabolism by 3-11%, which can be quite significant.

Has nutrients

Did you even know coffee had some nutrients that our body actually needs? It’s true, just a single cup of coffee contains vitamins B2, B3, B5, manganese and potassium. So, if you drink 2-3 cups a day, you’ll have more than enough of these nutrients. Just make sure you use the best coffee beans you can find, as the quality of coffee can vary and you want to use the best in order to get maximum effect. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should limit your source of nutrients to coffee, but it sure does help to drink a few cup a day.

Protects from diseases

Coffee can protect you from various diseases. For instance, Alzheimer’s is an incurable disease, but it has been proven that there are things that can be done to prevent it. Of course, the usual measures that ought to be taken include regular exercise and healthy food intake. However, it has been confirmed that regular coffee intake can also help prevent Alzheimer’s, as well as other diseases such as liver cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s, etc.

Fights depression

Depression is a mental condition that is becoming more and more common among people of all ages and professions. It’s very hard to battle this condition, but there are some things that can help you prevent it and one of them is drinking coffee. A study shows that women who drink 4 or more cups of coffee a day have 20% lower risk of becoming depressed.

Longer life

Generally, drinking coffee makes you live longer and there are studies that confirm that. Drinking coffee lowers the risk of all sorts of fatal diseases and if taken in moderation, coffee can even protect you from getting a stroke or heart failure. Taking all these factors into account, it all adds up to coffee making you live longer and have a better quality of life.

To all of you regular coffee drinkers, you can rest assured that your habit isn’t harmful, but it actually has many positive aspects and others can follow your example. So, go ahead and have your coffee carefree, just be careful not to do it excessively and everything will be OK.


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