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If you are a real fashion lover you know that packing for a trip is truly an art form, choosing the right pieces, finding ways to combine them and create various great outfits, and all of that without going overboard with how much stuff you pack. Now in order to do this you know that you need several statement pieces and a few staple ones to make any outfit complete. So let’s what an ultimate fashionista’s packing list simply must include.

Let’s start with the basics

fashion basics

And we say basics we are talking about nudes. You need several pieces in nude tones to serve as staples. The way you will have the ideal base for combining and layering. So, shirts, pants and shoes, one of each in nude is a must so that you have your one piece that you won’t have to overthink when creating an outfit. Don’t forget lingerie, also in nude so that everything that needs to be understated remains so. You can complement these with several bold pieces for mixing and matching.

The must-haves

must have in fashion

Now depending on your trip there are certain must-haves. For example, if you are going to a tropical vacation destination you definitely need a stunning bikini or five. Different cuts, styles and colours depending on your daily mood. This is something you simply cannot travel without, and no, one is never enough. Be playful, change things up, mix and match tops and bottoms, there are simply endless ideas. On the other hand, if your trip takes to some colder regions a stunning coat is an absolute must. Let’s be honest you will be wearing it in most of the pics anyway, so it should really be eye-catching.

Ah the shoes

fashion shoes

This will definitely take some deliberation. Obviously, you can’t take your entire shoe collection, you would need to pay for an extra suitcase or two. So, how to narrow it down? Of course, you need your heels for the glam up look, your sandals for the daily casual outfit. And finally your flats and flip flops for comfort. Now the bigger question is how to choose the colours. Well, the best option is to pick your shoes last, after you have created the perfect clothing capsule for your trip and decided on all the variations on the outfits it is time to start picking out the shoes that can work well with various outfits so that you have your look completed. Finally, if you plan on an active trip you should also consider comfort and practicality.

Time for some accessories

fashion accessories

Oh yes it is. A true fashionista cannot pack without having selected the perfect accessories. Much like with shoes your accessories will depend on your outfit choices. You will need several necklaces a few pairs of earrings and, a bracelet or two. Bracelets are fun for summer vacations, while for winter ones a great watch can do just fine. Next on the list of accessories is definitely a cute hat. It can tie up a look together like no one’s business and give you that aura of mystery, especially if paired with a stunning pair of sunglasses.

The bags

Of course, you need more than just one bag. But it is a bit difficult to pack a lot of them since they are bound to take up room in your luggage. So the best option is choosing  two for the day and two for nighttime. That way you can mix and match them with your outfits and not go overboard with packing. Smart, right? Make sure you have at least one stunning black one, the rest you can pack based on your outfit selection. Of course, the one you are travelling with is not included in these four. That one needs to complement your travel outfit as well as to have enough room to house everything and anything you might need while travelling.

You are now all set for your fashionable trip. And with a bit of patience you will be able to have the ideal Instagram-worthy outfits you can really show off.  Having several essential times combined with the right accessories is all you need to create a stunning wardrobe combinations during your trip. So, get packing, get some stylish luggage and start globe trotting. Have fun!



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