summer perfume

The color white is most relevant during the summer season. It gives good shade to tanned skin, reflects the sun and allows us to fully realize that the heat is everywhere. And what perfumes are perfectly combined with white in different locations?

White in the City

White Linen by Estée Lauder

summer perfumesAn ageless and unisex classic. The smell of a fresh body, freshly washed linen and a hot iron. The aroma is cool and full of freshness; friendly for office spaces.

The top notes include Bulgarina rose and Jasmine, the middle note is composed of Orris and Violet while the base is made of Vetiver and Oak Moss.


Tar by Comme des Garcons  

summer perfumesThis fragrance appeared again in 2017 as part of the specially released Olfactory Library. The perfume is ideal for the adaptation of individuals in the city of cars, hot ashes on the sun and bitumen roofs. This is a scent that allows the mimicking of the environment.

The main notes are aldehydes, bay leaf, kerosene, leather, plastic floral notes, Vetiver acetate, Chinese sandal wood.


Craft  by Andrea Maack

summer perfumesThe perfume was created through the collaboration between Icelandic artist Andrea Maack and a French perfume house.

With the aldehyde opening notes, it is like being greeted by a steamy cloud with a tart metallic scent. It is like cool water and wet earth, freshly planed boards and old pieces of iron, smoking incense and wax.

The main notes are aldehydes, Elemi, cold metal, ice, Cedar wood and Patchouli.


White in the Sea

New Study (Postcard) by Miller et Bertaux

summer perfumesA novelty scent of 2017 – it is vital for the summer holidays. After all, it has so many juicy figs, green grass, coconut milk and oranges. It is an ideal and refreshing cocktail for the beginning of a leisurely day.


Amber by Giardino Benessere

summer perfumeThis scent is unisex with moderately sweet amber in the frame of powder notes and ylang-ylang which will create a romantic mood in the evening by the sea. A couple of sprays and you won’t need a romantic dinner.



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