Yes, it may be a cliché as old as time, but that doesn’t make it less true – your smile is your best asset. Smiling, you convey positivity, trustworthiness, friendliness, charisma, and ultimately – attractiveness; oozing such energy, you are bound to attract wonderful people and be a welcome party at every gathering. Why do you think Aussies are such a popular group? Apart from being super tanned and fit at all times, their teeth are just incredible! On that note, we’re laying out three tips that will help you get a perfect smile and/or keep it the diamond it already is.

Chipped teeth

Although one of the hardest tissues in the body, the enamel covering our teeth isn’t foolproof; take a punch in the face or bite on the wrong thing and you can end up with a fractured, chipped or broken tooth (or teeth!). The way to remedy such occurrences comes in the form of:

Filling & bonding – Dental filling or bonding helps with minor oral injuries, ideally small front-teeth chips; the procedure uses a natural (your) tooth-colored composite resin that is adhered to the damaged area in the shape of your natural tooth.

Crowning & capping – More serious teeth injuries require a dental cap or crown; when a tooth is significantly damaged from decay or trauma, or entirely broken,  a crown (a tooth-shaped cap) is placed on it to bring back the tooth shape, size and volume.

Straight teeth

There is no general rule to what makes a perfect set of teeth in terms of their size and shape, but there’s one thing all perfect teeth have in common – they are straight. Getting the proper oral alignment is the perfect start to an A-list smile, and thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you have a number of options to make things straight. The best way? Braces. These days you can choose among:

Traditional – The most inexpensive option, and the most visible form of correction; tends to be a bit uncomfortable.

Clarity advanced – Made of a fine-grained ceramic material, more comfortable and less noticeable.

Incognito – A very discreet teeth transformation option; they sit behind your teeth fully customized and they are totally invisible. Trending in Hollywood.

Invisalign – Copy the smile strategy of everyone’s favorite Aussie beauties like Rose Byrne, Cate Blanchett, Margot Robbie, Nicole Kidman… and keep your teeth in check! Currently one of the most popular corrective options in Australia, the clear and lightweight Invisalign Sydney braces are molded to fit over your teeth and they are super effective. They are also very flexible.

Each type of braces has its advantages and is designed for a particular age group and teeth type. Consult with your orthodontist on the type of braces that would work best in your case.

White teeth

Sure, we like cheddar cheese (color) on a pizza, but not on our teeth! Here’s the thing: no matter how straight your teeth are, unless they are white – your smile won’t be attractive to anyone. Although your teeth bone is pretty much the determinant of the color your teeth will be, there are still remedies you can use to make them whiter than their natural color. What’s even better is that there are teeth whitening options available for any budget! Here are the options:

Whitening kits – Although these take-home kits don’t provide instant results, they are very efficient over the course of 2 weeks; you can use a mouth tray or strips. The whitening effects wear off after a few months, so you can refresh the routine every now and then.

Whitening toothpastes – A no-brainer whitening option with effects visible over the course of 2 to 6 weeks; all you need to do is brush.

In-office whitening – A professional, yet a bit more expensive whitening option is one of the most common dental procedures; it’s non-invasive and safe, and you can leave the office with teeth up to 12 shades whiter in just an hour.

Bleaching – A number of bleaching options are available, including bleaching strips, pens, gels, and laser bleaching; bleaching can whiten the teeth beyond their natural color BUT they typically restore their natural color later on.

Well, boys and girls… there you go – the secret to a perfect smile! Try the option you feel is best and let us know how effective your treatment was!


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