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Top 4 Fashion Bloggers –Ireland’s Style Pioneers


Here at Ondine Fashion Magazine we’ve always been curious & fascinated by those people who share our passion for fashion and beauty. So naturally it was only a matter of time before we set our eyes on a certain group of people causing a stir on the Irish style scene, fashion bloggers. Who exactly are these self proclaimed style fashionistas, what’s their story and why does it even matter? We count down Ireland’s top 4 fashion bloggers.

Let’s first define what we mean by a “blogger” for those in our audience who might not know. If a blog is “A website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc…” then it makes sense that a “blogger” is the person. Simple enough, got it? Good. Let’s start!


1. So Sue Me

It can’t be argued that Suzanne Jackson is probably Ireland’s most instantly recognizable and influential fashion blogger on the scene. Since 2010 this “little” gem of a blog has been setting the bar quite high when it comes to bringing celebrity fashion, beauty & lifestyle to the masses so much so that the website is practically a reflection of style itself. Having built her brand from the ground up, and always there to help her ever growing list of followers with style woes, Suzanne is worthy of our top spot in the countdown of Top 4 Fashion Bloggers.

Facebook: So Sue Me-Blog




Have a little bit of an obsession with these lace up front tops 🙈🙊 top Details on my Facebook 😘

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Owned and operated by Entertainment Media Networks Ltd since 2006 has been bringing articles written from different contributors to the site. From weddings to cooking recipes, cosmetics and men’s fashion this underrated blog reflects a more communal style in blogging. This is interesting as it means that you as the reader will get a more varied outlook in opinion on style and what’s really trending. As a result of this, follower base is strong. It’s not an easy feat to stay on top with what’s going on all the time, so for this uncommon approach to blogging takes second place.




3. The Style Fairy

As winner of ‘Best Fashion Blog’ at the Irish Blog Awards in 2014, Naomi Clarke has the art of fashion blogging down to a T.  We’re serious here at Ondine Fashion Magazine when we say this. It’s not often you see a blogger that has qualifications to back up the talk. With a Business & Marketing degree from the prestigious Trinity College Dublin, a diploma in Fashion Buying & Merchandising from the Portobello Institute, Dublin and over 9 years experience as a stylist, personal shopper, PR and event management both locally and abroad Naomi’s blog brings quality insights to real Irish women; from what and how to wear your favorite blazer, personal shopping services to tips on parenting. What more can the average Irish gal ask for? Naomi takes third place.

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4. Fluff & Frippperies

Since 2010 Emma Henderson has been critically evaluating various beauty products, travel spots, food and drink as well as giving snippets of knowledge in the fashion scene. With a quirky presentation, the blog has a very personal feel to it which we at Ondine particularly liked. It was as if she was sharing style, health and beauty secrets no one else knew about; an insight into her world. She takes fourth place in our countdown of Top 4 Fashion Bloggers.

Facebook: Fluff and Fripperies




And there you have it. Ondine Magazines Top 4 Fashion Bloggers in Ireland. So why does it even matter that you know who to look out for in the blogosphere world of style and fashion? Traditionally, fashion trends in the world have always been set by Hollywood stars, music artists and large haute-couture houses such as Chanel and Ralph Lauren to name but a few well known fashion powerhouses.

In our highly connected society, fashion and trends are now more accessible to the masses. There has been a paradigm shift whereby now the average individual can truly express their individuality and unique sense of style somewhat independent of Big House trend setters. As a result, certain people catch mass attention with their insights and style soon becoming pioneers. It becomes personal, goodbye fashion institutionalization. This build up of followers creates a wave of influence which empowers the average person and has the big design houses listening to what’s hot in the scene.

While these fashion bloggers become celebrities in their own right, we must remember, however, this doesn’t change the fact that the Big House names will always be needed not only for their cutting edge innovation and quality designs which in themselves set trends, but also because fashion bloggers get their ideas from them. It’s a give take relationship that is constantly evolving. And that’s a beautiful thing.


by Alexandr Mendez


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