Actor and reality star Dani Masterson is competing in the Ms Galaxy Ireland finals this October. Dani reveals her tips for models hoping to get into pageantry.

“I got into pageantry in my teens through my modelling agency. They were looking for girls to enter county heats for Miss Ireland. I surprisingly won and went on to compete in finals. I loved every minute of it. Now with the finals of Ms Galaxy coming closer, I’m reviving all I have learnt throughout the years on my pageant journey.


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So much work goes into competing, especially in the lead up to the competition: fundraising, volunteering, attending events etc. Having modelling experience certainly helps in any pageant but here are a few modelling pointers I would like to share with models interested in competing.

The Look

As a model your look may be constantly changing, if you decide it or not. In the world of pageantry, you can enhance your own look or develop it as you like. I think the most important thing is that your personality shines through. That is what will make you different from all the other contestants.


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The Walk

Just like modelling your walk is a huge part of pageantry. However most pageant judges prefer if contestants take their time. It’s tempting to quicken up your pace in speed with the music as you would on the runway but slow down. The judges want to see you and what you have to offer.


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The Talk

Similar to going to casting calls, you have an interview. Needless to say, interview is crucial. It is one of the biggest deciding factors if you get the job/crown or not. A pageant interview can be just as intense as a casting. You are up against a number of girls all after the one role. Remember the judges want you to do well. Be prepared, show your personality and enjoy it!


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The Shots

Most pageants include a headshot round, where contestants are judged on their headshot. Modelling headshots vary, depending on what casting you’re going for.  For my Ms Galaxy headshot I wanted to show elegance, strength, determination and my personality. That is a lot to get through in one photo! My secret is to have one objective you want the viewer to feel when they see it.


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The Drive

I personally think the drive to doing pageantry is completely different to do when doing modelling jobs. A modelling job you are requires you to wear specific clothes, have a certain look and achieve a certain result. When doing a pageant, it is completely up to you! You decide the clothes, you create the shots, you decide how you want to excel. How much you put into it, you will get out of it!”



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