Handbags are the most important part of every outfit and simply essential every time you go out of the house—just ask any woman ever! They are practical, they can make even the most boring of outfits look fun and stylish and they are a key part in building your personal image. However, it turns out handbags can do even more for you,including hiding your imperfections! So, how can you choose a bag that will perfectly flatter your figure?

If you’re tall and thin

Are you tall and thin? Yes?Well, lucky you! When it comes to choosing a bag, you’ll have absolutely no problems and restrictions. You can pull off any bag style from elegant clutches and shoulder bags to totes and backpacks and still look great! However, you might want to stay away from bags that are too small, since they have the power to make you look even taller than you already are. On the other hand, any medium or large size bag will fit you like a glove!

If you’re petite and short

There’s one very important fashion rule to remember if you’re a tiny girl: proportion!Petite girls look best when accompanied by a small bag. Large totes that can fit all your school stuff, makeup and change of clothes do look stylish, but they will only make you look shorter. A cute small bag over the shoulder or over the arm should be your first choice! However, make sure your over-the-shoulder bag doesn’t sit below the hips (the level of the bust is what to aim for).

If you have wide hips

The best way to shift the attention away from your wide hips and to the upper body is to get a bold and colorful shoulder bag of medium size. The bag should rest right under your arm or the best effect! It might be tempting, but skip on long over-the-shoulder bags that will only make your hips look wider. All in all, most over sized bags are a no-no, which makes finding a good nappy bag a real feat. Luckily, today there are various stylish nappy bags from medium-sized totes to backpacks that are practical and flattering. Most of them don’t even look like they’re hiding diapers and baby bottles, so you know you’ll look amazing!

If you’re busty

No tiny handbags with short handles for you, missy! If you’re busty with heavy shoulders and want to shift all that attention to the hips, opt for over-the-shoulder bags or messenger bags with longer handles that reach your hips. These will make your hips look wider and give you an overall more proportioned look!

If you’re plus-sized

If you carry some extra meat on your bones, don’t worry! As long as you choose well-tailored bags of medium size, you’ll look stylish and proportional. You can even opt for over sized clutches or larger bags with bold prints. However, stay away from tiny handbags and clutches which will only make you look bigger in comparison!

If you’re athletic

Women with athletic build should stay away from angular handbag styles that will make them look even“sharper”. Rectangular clutches and narrow, angular bags will give extra roughness to your figure, so they are best avoided. Rounded bags should be your first choice! Backpacks are also perfect for you, especially if they are covered with interesting details like embroidery, straps and handles.

All in all, no bag will make you look thin and tall if you’re plump and short. However, the right bag will definitely flatter your shape, make you look more proportioned and boost your style! So, find your handbag soul mate and don’t hesitate to keep it by your side wherever you go!


  1. Never would have thought about suiting my bag to me ! great article and great excuse to hit the sales for a new bag now that suits my shape 😉


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