Summer is approaching, you are planning a vacation, but there is one thing you can’t seem to figure out: the type of swimsuit you should buy. Many options are available and though each one is beautiful, you think about what would be best for your shape, size and age, or what is trendy right now. If you are having trouble deciding, this little guide will help you.

Choose easily combined pieces

If you don’t have many swimsuits in your closet, you should buy practical ones that are easily combined. Monochromatic is the best way to go, with just the top or the bottom having a print. That way, you can mix and match it with some other swimsuit that you have. If you like the top but the bottom is high waisted and it is really not your thing, you can match the top with some other bottom and create your own perfect swimsuit.

Add a bit of eccentricity

Swimsuits are, of course, meant for holidays at the seaside, with long sandy beaches and the sun. Your holiday is the most fun time of the year so why not make your swimsuit the same? If you already have at least one swimsuit that is a bit simpler, then try going the opposite way. Choose one shoulder, ruffles, or play with the print and get one with stripes or polka dots. Bright and even neon colors are now in so if that is your thing, try it out. After all, you don’t have to worry because everything looks good on a tan body. Classics will always be trendy

If you are feeling confused by so many new trends and you don’t know what suits you, you should stick to the familiar. A triangle bikini will never go out of fashion and one reason is that it looks good on everyone. Since it has ties that are tied at the back of your neck, it will lift your breasts and make them look fuller if that is something you like. You can always untie them when you are sunbathing and avoid tan lines. Many triangle bikinis allow you to adjust the width of the triangle so you can create your own version of it. Play with the ties, cross them on your chest or your back and you will get a whole new look. Triangle bikinis are so versatile; it is no wonder they are always IN.

Accessorize every beach look

Every beach look, no matter how simple or eccentric it is, can be turned into something new and fun. Accessorizing your swimsuit is the best way to do this. Boho bikinis, for example, go with many bracelets, white nail polish, braids or even gold details. It will look chic and will photograph very well if that is something you like to do. A fun pair of sunglasses will also put the whole beach look together. You can go full pin-up and wear a headband, a polka dot bikini and big, red sunglasses. If you are naturally on the pale side, this will look great on you because it will create that retro vibe. One-piece swimsuits can be styled up with big sunglasses too and an even bigger hat. They are perfect for those rest days when you want to read a book by the water and just enjoy the sun.

Swimsuit for any occasion

Like any other piece of clothing, you should choose your bikini according to the occasion. For a simple day by the pool, classic designs are more suitable. You should save eccentricity and fashion for the beach. If you are going to a pool or beach party where there will also be food, choose a lace or see-through cover-up. You will look stylish and feel comfortable. Since social conventions still dictate our behavior, save the small swimsuits that don’t cover much for places where you know there will be mostly young people. But don’t worry, a swimsuit that covers a bit more can still look sexy and trendy. Playing around with different types of bikinis and choosing fun, unique ones is just one thing why we like summer. Hopefully, this guide can help you decide or inspire you and give you some ideas that you didn’t have.


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