Through years of been a hairdresser I find product knowledge and knowing your limits regarding your hair type are the key points, plus a good hairstylist that has your back!

 In this generation we see clients using Instagram as references but lets be honest most of those images took 7/8 hours to create and have been edited to the hairdressers taste like changing the colour the did to what you actually see on the Gram to make it look more ashy, red or a more pastel pinks 80% of the time. Does this generation put pressure on us hairdressers and people in general? 100% because it’s the good side they want you to see or the highly edited image you might think you like.

I love seeing creativity takin to it’s highest but sometimes I think do people believe this “filter free crap” We as individuals work to the highest standard and create some of the most beautiful real life hair styles that works for the clients hair type and for them to create easily at home.

 Remember we are all different and not all out to follow a fake trend!

My guide to hot easy breezy hair from brands I’ve loved from day one to advice on the right tool is the only way to help you move forward to fabulous hair! Most people have a problem creating a curl because they buy the wrong curling tongs/wand because  there is a reason the barrels are small, medium and big just like a round finishing brush. A small barrel is for short hair generally, medium length hair would suit a medium barrel and a Large Barrel for Long hair types.

So I picked out a few items to give you advice and don’t worry if you don’t have it because you are sure to have one of these items at home!

The dryer probably the most important hair tool every woman has and most of us don’t give it enough patience or practise remember none of us were good at the start! My favourite dryer is the Mattaki super powerful and has a cool button feature to use when your hair is dry which will give your hair major shine!

The Dafni –the hot tool hair brush. This is perfect for fine to medium hair for a hairdressing finish! Feel it only works on these hair types or a slight tidy up on day 3 from leaving the hairdressers. Do I like it? 100% I have family members that wouldn’t live without but remember your hair type when buying if you have curly hair like myself maybe stick to the Steampod. Remember to always use a heat protector when using any hot tool.

I trialled Reseed on my Mum as the company got in touch with me and anything new in the hair industry I’m always interested in! Found her hair really improved after four weeks. Perfect for a client who’s thinning, falling out or would like to improve density. This set below is a three month supply. It’s one of the most natural made brands on the market for this hair concern. To find out more click here.

Hair Volume Gummies supplements are the secret to the healthiest of hair lovers! Some of us don’t seem to get enough nutrients for our hair in saying you should not use supplements to reduce your daily food intake they just improve your general diet of missed vitamins to boost it! Hair Volume will increase the density and growth of your hair to check ingredients click here.

Created by a Hairdresser Trepadora is a range designed for curly hair types. I choose Smoothie from the range for Dry, tight curls. Mousse is an old fashioned choice to use for curly hair as it dries out the hair. Gels and Balms are a better choice as they condition the hair. Which one to choose? Gel if you need to increase volume and have fine/loose curls. Balms/Creams are the choice for more unruly dry curls.

This is hands down my favourite hairspray by Maria Nila 100% Vegan and Cruelty free hairspray is a need to control your style and this will hold it well for you. Been using this hairspray since it came out and would always choose this over any on my locks.


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