tailored suit

The tailored suit

At 6’2” 110 lbs, buying a suit off the rack that fits me correctly is pretty much impossible. The ideal answer to me dilemma would be a bespoke suit measured and stitched to my specific measurements. Unfortunately, like most men I am not a millionaire and as often as I go suit shopping that is not financially realistic. So, for me a tailor is an essential part of getting my suits ready to wear. Commercial suit makers must stick to strict measurements so there suits can fit a large range of different body styles. Tailors allow you to take an off the rack suit and fit it specifically to your body. When you go in to see a tailor they should be a professional and they will know hot to fit the suit to you. Regardless, you should have an idea of how your suit should fit prior to going in and seeing a tailor.

tailored suit
Your suit should fit snug around your shoulders and feel like a firm hug. The fabric should not hang off your shoulders and it should have minimal buckling.

Around your body the suit should compliment your silhouette and show your natural figure. A good tailor will ensure a tapered look around your torso that accentuates your shoulders. When you button your suit jacket it should fit without bunching.

The sleeves should also fit firm around the arms without any unnecessary bulk. Equally important is the length of the sleeves. The sleeves should stop at the base of your wrist, leaving enough space to see 1/4 inch of your shirt sleeve.

The top of your trousers should fit naturally around your waist without any bunching when you put on a belt. When it comes to length you should have a single break which stops at the top of your shoe. Some men like their pants to stop just above the shoe, I consider that some what a fad and it may not be around long.

At the end of the day, you don’t have to spend a lot on a suit to look like you spent a lot on
your suit.
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