It is not necessary to have studied (in a relative or exhaustive way) to outline the idea that  clothes and fashion can be read from a sociological, psychological and semiological level : it is a phenomenon that affects a more or less broad group of individuals and that it is part of your interpersonal communication. Wow, that  the look that is chosen every morning sends a message to the world and to one’s mind; is able to lift spirits and even define realities (even if they are partial). It is a theory that can be empirically tested without much effort and, in fact, may have already been put to the test. And it is important to emphasize this plan, because although it is applicable to any outfit, it is not the rationale of each and every one of the garments. Those who own it are those who really make a difference, those who not only favor the body, but to present yourself to the world in the way you really want it. And the last pieces that we have found that fulfill these characteristics are those of the  spring-summer 2019 collection by  Pepa Salazar . 

Attributing this property to the creations of the designer is not pure caprice, but the logical consequence of listening to the research that led her to conceive this proposal made in  white, raw, vanilla and earth tones  only broken by the advanced powdered the neon lime green.  “I came across some  pictures of the rural carnivals of the Basque Country  and saw  how they used everything they had around them in their day to day, such as bags, straw, work items, and had created characters that had meaning and history, ” says Salazar before he starts his parade in the Botanical Garden. “From that reflection, how with what you have you can create a universe, I started to investigate about the anthropology of clothing . There are factors in common: people who are close to the coast, when they feel the need for the adornment, use shells; those who live in environments of sand and heat, tend to cover their faces more …  What you have around you is what marks you . And that’s in Spain, not something from Oceania or Japan. It all talks about how the environment influences you and your idiosyncrasy and, ultimately, the way you dress .  “

The “I am me and my circumstance” of Ortega y Gasset is inevitably related to the idea in which the designer has deepened after the collection of autumn-winter. There were still traces of the word “aprovechamiento” in her speech,  leitmotiv  of the previous year that  paraded in the Mercado de Antón Martín , but the natural evolution has led her to move even closer to  the rural.  That was the raison d’etre of the carnivals that served him as a starting point, but also what is being presented as a sort of constant in his imagination. A more or less veiled, one that can have discrete moments and other highlights, but one that is there. ” This is a more relaxed Spanish folklore“, Reflects. “It’s not a flamenco and a bull, it’s one thing … I would not say more ancestral, but more relaxed,  more purist and calmer . The word is quiet. ” 


(Source: VOGUE by  María José Pérez Méndez )


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