You could be using the most magical foundation in the world,but without the right sponge and tools to apply it , you may still end up looking too cakey, too streaky, or just plain mucky. That’s where KISS makeup sponges come in. What has come a long way from a skinny rectangular form have now taken on rounded curvy new shapes and colours all with different attributes for the most flawless base .

KISS Blending Sponge – €4.95
An edgeless, reusablemakeup applicator that’s easy to grip without getting makeup on hands anddistributes makeup evenly. Round works best for cheek blending. 
KISS Flat Edge Make Up Sponge €4.95
A flat-edge, reusable makeup applicatorthat’s easy to grip   without gettingmakeup on hands and distributes makeup evenly. A multi-function tool with roundside for blending larger areas
KISSMakeup Sponge Trio €8.00
The contoured edges and tapered point make for easy blendingin both large and small areas
KISS Rainbow Teardrop sponge €6.00
Theunique shape of the rainbow sponge ensures impeccable     product application and provides andedge-less streak-free finish.


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