triathlon plus size

The Plus size Of Working Out

Christmas is coming and Yes eating drinking and being merry could be on a lot of peoples mind….

But as the Year Changes ‘New Year’ ‘New You’ and ‘New Resolutions’ 

Last year I put it in my head to do a Triathlon as I wanted to show people that often think Plus size equals lazy they were wrong. I really did as crossing the finishing line as a size 18 made me so proud.

But the one thing I really has to think about was… What to wear.

As a bigger girl it was so tempting to just slip on a bigger baggy pair of sweats but going on a bike on them wasn’t going to work. The one thing I found was by getting the  right gear on it made me want stand tall, and workout better.

So what do we need to think about? Firstly the breast, they need support there is no doubt about this! I find the sports bras with cups far better than the dare I say Uniboob! LOOK! Panache do a great underwire one without the big designer price tag. I always need to double up with a regular bra underneath but find this the best system.

triathlon plus size

For Swimmers hoping to make a splash! I find a good Speedo never lets me down and they have a great size range. Think what you are using it for the function rather than looking good on poolside. I love the good ultraback rather a covered non wedgie option.

I love clothing that draws the eye to where you want it. So look out for clever lines and color blocks for added shape and confident.

Just think of the fun you can have with your footwear. We are no longer limited to white! There are so many fabulous colors and designs out there…..

I am inspired !

Might just jog along to the town and give my bank card a workout!!

by SharonD


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