xplora x5

The most safest kids watch has come out with a more updated version called the Xplora X5 this is a really good approach to giving the freedom of safe, child friendly technology. It includes a 2mp camera, great for little selfies. The cool design has three colour schemes and also has extra features, the smartwatch is waterproof and has a 1.4 TFT display.

It’s packed full of games to keep them busy and they can text or call but in a restricted environment meaning you can add the numbers they only need to call or text which keeps them extremely protected, 50 contacts can be added to his/her watch,  It can also be used on Wi-Fi or by sim card and has up to 72hrs battery life.

The watch comes with 150 coins perfect to use on the go play, the X5 also has a PlayStation partnership, Paramount pictures and much more. They can earn extra coins from walking and exercising a great way to keep your child active.

You can also track your child when they’re using the Xplora and is used by over 400,000 users worldwide. To check out the new Xplora X5 click here.


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