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Around a year ago on my trip to Poland I observed a new fashion trend for men. The best place where you can observe any new street wear is on a train. That’s how I spotted men’s clutch bags. Then a while ago I spoke with a friend of mine. He said that a big thing in Moscow right now are also clutch bags for men. So I said to myself “Gosh! Buying bags based on seasonal trends was exclusively a female pastime. So is it time for men to wear such bags now?” I suppose designers from High Street to down to High End are continually developing their understanding of men’s needs when we are talking about their style for work and method for carrying everyday kit to the gym, airport, holiday or even when they are going out.




Below I present you with some insight into the different clutches bags out there for men. To help you guys find which type of bag works best for you and your lifestyle, here are the five styles worth consider this year.




louis vuitton men bags
Louis Vuitton


Cross body bags are making a return this year. As seen at Louis Vuitton‘s Autumn/Winter 2015 show, zippered styles, also known as reporter bags, are the ones to keep an eye out for. This type is more for a casual wear. So you might think twice before pairing one with a suit. You’ll also want to make sure the strap is the right length for the bag. Make sure to adjust it no longer than your hipline unless you want look like a postman out on delivery.



coach men bags


For those of us on a budget, the good news is that this trend has already come to the high street. So you can find butterfly leather versions complete with elegant buckles and nice trim detailing at reasonable prices. Even companies like Zara make them. These bags men can wear with a suit or as an extra detail to sportswear.



folio men bags
Folio Bag


My favourite  type of clutch bags is the folio. This type of bag is suitable for a businessman who is suited and booted or who prefers to work in jeans and a wool jumper. But be careful and don’t stuff a folio with junk because that will ruin a sleek and sophisticated shape!



tote men bags
Bleu de Chauffe


One of the most ‘fashion’ bags alongside the folio is the Tote. It is practical and ideal for storing your phone, keys, laptop and couple of notebooks. It is a stylish alternative to a briefcase which can be difficult to hold when striding through packed train stations. They are available in canvas and leather, different colours and print.



duffle men bags
Tech Oxford Travel Duffle


Ideal for fitting all of your gym gear. Nothing beats leather, but textiles, including canvas and wool materials work well also depending on your everyday style. When you plan to buy a holdall or a duffle bag ask for something no longer than 55 cm wide and make sure it’s lightweight enough to be carried. The shoulder strap should also be a priority. It should be comfortable and wide enough to be gentle on the shoulder when distributing the load.

Whichever bag you end up choosing, remember, it’s worth to think about your personal style and the colour palette beforehand. Some of designs offer plenty of room. But remember, carrying heavy weights is never a good look and can stretch and wear out the material. So, are you a bag ma? Will you be investing in any of these designs this season?

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