The Atlas of Beauty – beauty without borders

The Atlas of Beauty – Beauty without borders

Photographer Mihaela Noroc travels around the globe to capture the diversity of feminine beauty in all kinds of environments and cultures.

Here we have the latest photo taken by this amazing professional on her travels around the world.

Sara is a Bedouin woman from Wadi Musa, Jordan. “I was born in a tent. Back then we were nomads in the desert. We grew up in hard conditions, but we were happy. We were carrying heavy buckets of water every day for many, many kilometres. We didn’t buy anything. In the 80’s our community decided to move to modern homes. Life is much more comfortable here. We have shops, houses, water, furniture, electricity, TV, everything. Now when a baby is born, the mother goes to the hospital. Back then we didn’t have doctors. But I actually really miss those times. I really miss that feeling of freedom from the desert. We were all the same, we were equal and selfless, not caring about money or other goods. We all shared the same home, the desert.” #TheAtlasOfBeauty #AroundTheWorld #Jordan #Bedouin

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Malika is from Milan, Italy. She was born from an Italian mother and a Moroccan father. She lives in a city which is famous for fashion. With her features and height she could easily be a successful model. “Many people from fashion industry tried to convince me to become a model. But I have other passions. I was never into fashion. I’m actually in love with hiking. When I was 8, I entered in a Scouting group and I started to explore the nature. I often go to the mountains. I hike there alone and I don’t see any human being for days. I always do that when I feel stressed and tired.” Malika is not scared at all to be alone in the wilderness because she learned everything about exploring the nature since her childhood. “I live in a rough neighbourhood of Milan and sometimes it’s a bit dangerous for a woman there. So I actually feel safer in the mountains than in the city.” #TheAtlasOfBeauty #AroundTheWorld #Milan #Hiking

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