Cruelty-free fashion has already established itself as one of the staples of the XXI century. Young consumers are constantly looking for new brands to convey their views and empower their lifestyle choices. However, despite the growth of the British vegan scene (542,000 vegans in 2017, 350% up from 2006), the leather alternative market still somewhat lacks diversity. Most of the vegan-friendly materials simply imitate leather or focus on sustainability over design.

#LeavesNotLeatherIn 2014 with the help of the University of East Anglia, a group of creative students came up with the idea of using leaves to make wallets, bags and journals after ironing and applying dried leaves on sheets of paper and cotton. Thamon London is the first London-based ethical fashion design company using real tree leaves in fashion accessories. Does it stand out from the crowd?! Without a doubt!

#LeavesNotLeatherLeaves are a beautiful organic material, as they come in unlimited shapes and forms, they’re a perfect foundation for fashion designs. Coated with resin, leaves are lightweight yet highly functional and durable. Thamon London uses sustainably sourced birch, lotus and sal leaves.

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The first item they sold was a leaf wallet at London street markets. In a year they launched Thamon London’s website and opened a shop at the famous Camden Stables. To raise the brand awareness and its ethical concept they started a social media campaign #LeavesNotLeather aiming to inspire people to explore cruelty-free material alternatives.


In the future Thamon London want to explore more practical applications for their creative designs. At the very moment they’re developing a range of vegan-friendly belts. With every little step they strive to accelerate the world towards cruelty-free fashionable designs while taking care for the environment.

Thamon London are giving our readers 10% off with code Ondine. Expires on the 28th February.




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