Putting together a makeup look might seem easy on the surface: just apply some foundation, a chosen eyeshadow look and finish it off with some blush, right? Not exactly. A makeup look is a carefully constructed, layered process which takes into consideration the person’s face shape, skin tone, lifestyle and so much more. And one of the most important parts, that no look is complete without are the lips. Sensual red or matte nude, the style you choose for your lips will steer the entire look one way or the other. But how do we know which lipstick is good for us and our skin tone?



Cool, warm or neutral?

Every person has one of these three types of skin tone, and knowing what your skin is like will go a long way in helping you look good, whether it is in choosing clothes, jewelry or makeup. There are a lot of methods for checking what your skin tone is, and here are some of our favorites:

Look at your wrists: If you can see the veins on your wrists, it can be an easy way to tell if you are cold toned or warm toned. If your veins seem blue, then you have cool-toned skin, and if they appear more olive, then your skin has a warmer hue.

White clothes: Get your hands on two white shirts, one true white, and one off-white. Try them both on and look at what fits you better. If that’s the true white, then your skin is on the cooler side, or if it is the off-white, then warm tones are for you.

Jewelry: Did you notice that you have a natural preference to silver or gold jewelry? This might actually be because of the tone of your skin. People with cool skin look better with silver jewelry, while gold looks better on people who are warm-toned.

If you can’t determine a clear side by using these three techniques, then you are most likely neutral, and you can enjoy the wonders of all of the above.



Why is skin tone important?

All lipsticks have an undertone, and that undertone can be either cool or warm. Those with a warmer undertone will stand out more on warm skin, and the same goes for cool undertones. If you have the opposite undertone from your lipstick, the color will be muted and it won’t look nearly as pretty as the one with the matching undertone would.



Framing the smile

Not everyone has perfect pearly whites. In fact, most people naturally have off-white teeth, unless they chemically bleach them. But, it’s normal to want to make your teeth seem as white as possible, and your lipstick can go a long way in helping with that. Avoid very warm toned products, like orange and yellow lipsticks, because they might make your teeth appear yellow. And if you want straighter teeth without having the colorful braces, you can consider the benefits of invisalign vs braces which will help you get a better-looking smile, without having to worry about matching your lipstick color to your braces. Remember to regularly brush and floss your teeth, and visit your dentist every so often to make sure you will have a beautiful smile to frame up for a long time.



At the end of the day, we can’t always tell just by looking which lipsticks will suit us best, so trying them out on your wrist might help you in the store, but simply trying a lot of different lip shades and colors is what will ultimately teach you which products to go for in the future.


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