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The lovely people from Technic’s Cosmetics sent me four tans a few weeks ago and I have to say I was very impressed.


There are 5 products in the Tan Out Of Ten range so far….

  • Fast developing bronze self tan mousse
  • Self tan lotion in medium
  • Self tan lotion in dark
  • Instant tan in matte
  • Instant tan in shimmer

So I tested out the four product’s which were sent to me by Technic Tan Out Of Ten, Price wise the range is a steal, size wise they’re excellent. I personally couldn’t find any fault with ‘Ten Out Of Tan’. All four tans applied evenly with a tinted visible application and were streak free and fast drying. I loved the self tan lotion in medium and the self tan bronze mousse. Before I tested them I used a body scrub to prep the skin. The bronze mousse and medium lotion which I tested individually were long lasting and lasted 5/6 days. Did they come of easily? Yes, I used a good scrub and was very easy to remove.

best fake tan

Technic’s Tan Out Of Ten Self Tan Lotion Available online on for £11.56 and offer free delivery to Ireland.

best fake tan

Flash bronze by Technic Tan Out Of Ten available on currently on sale at £12.61 and they offer free delivery to Ireland.

best fake tan

Technic’s Tan Out Of Ten Instant Matte Tan is only £6.75 available on


The instant tan in matte is heavenly!! Perfect for those that need a tan straight away followed with a great results and glowing tan. You can also try the shimmer instant tan which is ideal for those who like to add a bit of shimmer to the skin. Technic’s Tan Out Of Ten range is extremely easy to use and is streak-free and quick drying.

As if that wasn’t good enough it’s gentle coconut and papaya scent is absolutely divine and the added coconut oil and vitamin E moisturises your skin while you look fantastic!

Tip: Always prep the skin with an exfoliator (no body lotion). When using Ten Out Of Tan Self Tan, I always apply at night with a tanning glove and wash off in the morning. The tan develops within 4 hours but I choose to leave it on overnight and gave a lovely result once rinsed. Technic’s Tan Out Of Ten instant tan, Which I applied 1hr (with tanning glove) before going out and was so easy breezy to use!

You can purchase all the range from and delivery to Ireland is free.


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