I decided to try out bBold tan and I have given our readers a few little tips on it and a brief description on this luxurious tanning range. So I tried out three products from the range: Smart Mousse, Dark Flawless Legs and the New Contour Kit. bBold is paraben-free, vegan friendly and against animal cruelty.


bBold | Smart Mousse

bBold Smart Mousse, fake tan
bBold Smart Mousse

bBold Smart Mousse is a revolutionary tan that gives you three different shades. I recommend you to apply with the new micro fibre glove.

With the 3.2.1 Technology you can achieve your perfect colour. Please find a guide below:

  • 1 hour on for a softly sun-kissed look
  • 2 hours on for a golden glow
  • 3 hours on for a bronzed look

Once you choose your desired shade leave it to develop and when the time is up have a quick shower and it will leave you with a fantastic tan.

Pro Tip: For best results when applying any tan always exfoliate before applying and never apply a body butter before using your tan, it can sometimes work as a barrier (always apply tan on dry skin)

Price: €16.73

Available in all leading pharmacies


bBold | Flawless Legs

bBold Flawless Legs, fake tan
bBold Flawless Legs

bBold Flawless Legs is a tan for those on the go. Even though it’s called flawless legs you can use it all over your body and it’s pretty amazing while price-wise it’s very reachable. It’s great for covering flaws, small veins and is waterproof which is much needed coming into our winter months. This is a 24 hour tan and is easily removed using shower gel and water.

Pro Tip: I generally say no to moisturiser before applying a tan but I did use a tiny bit of body lotion before using flawless legs and it gave me a very desirable dark tan. It’s also available in two shades.

Price: €12.90

Available in all leading pharmacies

bBold | Contour Kit



bBold Contour Kit, fake tan
bBold Contour Kit

bBold Contour Kit is a must have as it’s extremely versatile and will define, sculpt and highlight. You can use it on the face or on the body. To apply, bBold have a contour brush (sold separately) to apply to wherever needed. It’s a powder contour palette which is very easy to blend, remember, less is more as it’s very pigmented; and of course it’s extremely long lasting.

Pro Tip: Apply shimmer on the collar bones preferably over your tan to get that wow factor.

And if your quick go to Bradley’s Pharmacy

They’re giving away a free cosmetic brush with the contour palette (while stock lasts)

Priced at €22.95



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