Preparing for summer isn’t all fun and games, and we often have to put in a lot of effort in order to look great at the beach or at those wild pool parties. A healthy diet, plenty of water, and regular exercise will help you get your dream body and look great in your swimsuit, but all the troubles will be in vain if you pick the wrong one. When you’re looking for the perfect swimwear for your body type, pay attention to its colour too since it can do wonders for your skin tone.



Blond and red hair

Natural blonds and red-haired women tend to be very pale, which is something that can be used as an advantage if you’re looking for a way to make a statement. Really bold colours which will emphasize the paleness of your skin will certainly draw everyone’s attention, so you can go with black, burgundy, and green. If, however, you are looking for something less noticeable, you can try soft colours like beige, blue, or pink. If you’re a redhead, you will be able to pull off white as well as cobalt blue swimsuits. Yellow and orange, on the other hand, will look too tacky which is why you should avoid them.


Brown hair and medium light skin

Girls with light skin and dark hair should avoid the middle ground – hues that are neither soft nor bold. Colours such as grey and brown are too plain, they will wash you out, and won’t look good on you. Instead of reaching for colder shades, you could try playing to your warmer side and embrace deep reds and rich earthy tones. You should also avoid beige and fleshy peach tones and opt for reds, greens, and blues instead, which is great, as these colours are incredibly popular.



Dark skin with dark hair

Dark skinned girls with dark hair are at an advantage as they will look great wearing pretty much any pastel shade. Those with caramel-skin are in a better position as they can rock pretty much any shade, including deep oranges and browns, which girls with darker skin should skip. Pastels are the best choice for both groups of girls, and if you pick mint green, baby blue, powder pink, and pale yellow, you will look stunning.


Light brown skin with dark hair

Girls with olive and light brown skin and dark hair have the best chance of picking the right piece, as pretty much any colour will look great on them. A wide range of swimsuit colours they can choose from include blacks, blues, burnt oranges, army green, and colourful prints. Pick horizontal stripes, geometric prints, or florals to emphasize the depth of your skin colour, and choose blacks and dark browns if you’re looking for something different.


Dark hair with light skin

Girls who have naturally dark hair and fair skin have a natural contrast which they can use to their advantage. The best choice is blue and pretty much any shade of it will be fine, so you can easily find the right bikini for you online. Cold turquoise, deep navy, and soft baby blue are all great, but you can take it a step further and chose an eye-catching emerald, plum or fuchsia, as these are also colours from the ‘blue family’.


With a variety of swimwear styles out there, it’s only natural that you’re confused at first, but if you pay attention to details such as colours and prints, you will be able to pick the piece that will complement not only your figure, but your skin tone as well. You don’t have to blindly follow trends and wear a certain colour just because it’s incredibly popular today; have your own style instead and make sure you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing.



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