summer trends
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5 Must Try Fashion Trends for Summer 2017

Summer Trends

Summer is just around the corner and that can mean only one thing – it is time to open your closet, say goodbye to some foolish choices you’ve made in the past season, and make room for some runway- approved trendy items that are bound to make you look like you just took your little turn on the catwalk. Summer is a great time to experiment and inject your wardrobe with some color and a touch of flamboyance. So, pay close attention as we unveil the ultimate five trends you will not be able to resist.

Ladies of the ’80s

If you have secretly been longing for the colors of the ‘80s, great news bright-hue lovers – pink is back and better than ever. Powerhouses like Balenciaga, Celine, Valentino and many others were proud to present a variety of dresses ranging from frilly and feminine, to straight and edgy geometric lines in all possible variations of pink. The best part – all these looks are completely wearable and worthy of a million #streetstyle likes. Pink is definitely back, but in the spirit of electric and eclectic ‘80s, it comes with an entourage consisting of electric blue, bold red and the kind of yellow that will leave even Beyoncé’s now iconic yellow dress from the Hold Up video in the shade.

summer trends

Aside from breezy cuts, you might want to stock up on a staple jumpsuit or two and channel your inner electro-goddess. If you are feeling extra bold you might be tempted to rock a visor in a matching shade, but if not, that is fine too. If you’re an ’80s girl at heart, feel free to rejoice some more, as the trend is in full swing this season. You probably won’t find much of the mood filtering into daywear, but when it comes to going out, there’s much to play with, from silhouette-enhancing nipped waists fastened with giant belts to flirty hemlines balanced out by big shoulders. So, if you have been dying to rock that metallic dress the next time you get into the party mode, there is no time to shine like the present.

Floral prints are here to stay

There is no universe in which we don’t recall Miranda Presley’s snide remark: “Florals, for spring? Groundbreaking.” Well, it seems like the fictitious trend-setter’s opinion has been overruled, because summer is here, and we are seeing a lot of floral prints everywhere. They come in a variety of choices, ranging from off-the- shoulder jumpsuits accompanied by ruffles, to double-breasted long blazers and matching trousers, and you can’t help but feel drawn to them, almost obliged to flaunt your florals. Embrace the flower power and don’t go unnoticed this summer.

summer trends

Stripes, stripes and some more stripes

Another dominant moment has been notices with eternally beloved stripes. Diagonal, horizontal, vertical, wide, narrow, monochromatic or colorful – take your pick. And they will make their mark on every single garment from dresses and pants to blouses and shorts and go as far as beachwear. It is safe to say that it is time to get stripy. Aside from these, one of the must-have pieces are those that come in the form of super stripes. Criss-cross stripes of vibrant colors, whether they are in the form of comfy knitwear or breezy strappy summer dresses, are yours for the picking, so if you want to make a true statement with your outfit, all-stripes- everything is definitely the way to go.

summer trends
Jasper Conran

Athletic is the new chic

According to supermodels, athleisure is another trend we should keep a close watch on. Ladies, if you have been wearing your hoodies to the gym or around the house, you might want to reconsider that choice and take them for a walk around the block, and channel your inner supermodel now. You can also go a slightly different way and show some velvet love in a tracksuit with a white side stripe, and sick sneakers. Of course, as something needs to add a touch of posh, there is always a solid-shaped duffel bag. It has the supermodel stamp of approval, after all.

summer trends
Alexander Wang x Adidas

White and round

A sleek, sophisticated and crispy-clean look never goes out of style, and therefore white is still a dominant color. However, it has experienced quite a bold makeover, in the form of round shoulders followed by belts to additionally accentuate the figure. This is a celebration of femininity in its finest and purest form. If you look inside your closet and don’t find a white garment, it is time to reconsider your fashion choices and restock immediately.


by Peter Minkoff


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