After the amalgamation of the athletic and casual, leisurewear, a new trend was born, one that will be sticking around for a very long time. In fact, the new trend that we have come to know and love as athleisure even became an official word in the dictionaries, so that speaks volumes of its staying power. However, as people’s needs transcend only athletic wear, the athleisure trend evolved and spread into numerous directions, allowing people to mix street style with bot casual and classy chic garments in order to create outfits suitable for every possible occasion. As we know presentation is everything – in the workplace, formal and less formal events and even regular daily life. To that end we have come up with spectacular ideas on how you can blend two, sometimes three different styles into one outfit so each of your looks turn out spectacular, interesting and inspired this fall.

The best of all worlds

There are days when you want to exude those casual vibes – you’re going to brunch, a nice afternoon walk and you want to look great without looking like you’re trying too hard. We have the perfect outfit – the sporty element in the form of a simple grey crew sweatshirt – logoed if that’s your thing paired with simple dark wash denim which isn’t only classy but a perfect fall shade. Then comes the ‘dressy’ moment. As animal print is all the rage, you have to be very careful as to how you incorporate it into your outfits and one of the most subtle ways to do it is with a pair of leopard print mid-heel ankle boots. If you need an extra layer, the fashion chameleon – the mighty trench coat will come to your rescue and tie everything together creating the perfect outfit. Now all you need is a camel semi-round shoulder bag and perhaps a nice old Hollywood scarf as a head band and you are ready to take on the day.

Casual romance

If you’re into statement dressing you will definitely love mixing one of the two most dominant trends out there: the plaid pattern and polka dots. A plaid pleated polka dot midi skirt is perfect for fall days, especially if you add a pair of black tights with tiny dots. On the top, a cute long-sleeve polka dot blouse is the perfect plaid companion, but make sure it contains at least one of the colors on the skirt. For instance – if you’re wearing a plaid combination of maroon, navy and white, make sure the blouse is maroon with black dots. Now that we have the classy yet casual nailed down, it’s time to bring a little street style vibe. Instead of a nice blazer go for a black edgy motto leather jacket that never goes out of style and finalize the look with your favorite pair of killer Nike sneakers. Sporty romance challenge – completed.

Toned down sharpness

It’s no secret that the power suit has completely dominated both the streets and the runways in the fall 2018 collections, and it’s become a must-have staple of every closet. Now, while we do understand that you may have to wear it with a dress shirt during office hours, there is no need for an ensemble so powerful to stay in the closet at the end of the work week. Style it up, or down actually with a cool graphic tee in a contrasting color, put on a pair of sleek tennis shoes and grab a simple structured geometric clutch. Go out for drinks looking nonchalantly stunning, and for extra flair and an element of surprise spice things up with a pair of statement earrings.

Nothing beats this

As far as casual clothing goes, nothing beats denim, aside from perhaps a denim on denim combo. This look has been one of the biggest buzzes during NYFW as fashionistas flocked with their mom jeans and patch-bleached buttoned up denim jackets. For added casual yet chic effect you can always resort to a simple soft tote in a neutral hue – beige of champagne, and then, when you really want to bring it you simply must wear the trendiest shoe of all – the white ankle boot. We didn’t think this would catch on, but it has and it was all over the street style section, so you might as well grab ‘em while they’re hot.

Total elegance with a twist

You have the most gorgeous Erdem-looking murky floral dress and you can’t wait to show it off. However, it’s not the time or the place to put yourself in stilettos and adorn yourself with jewelry. Well, we spotted something on the streets of New York that is bound to help you out and let you flaunt that dress – dressy-casual style. Yes, you have the romantic dress, and perhaps a gorgeous small top handle bag, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer in heels. Take a cue from this fashionista and swap the heels for a comfy pair of Gucci sneaker-boots in a completely contrasting hue and exude both romance and comfort at the same time. It will be a show-stopping look for all the right reasons. If things get chilly, always go for a grey trench, always.

Comfort and class

These days, one of the easiest dresses to pull out of your wardrobe is the tuxedo dress, and if you pair it with your favorite sneakers – even dad sneakers, you have a total winning combo. However, this only works if the fall graces us with a few days of Indian summer. However, we have you prepared for a chillier scenario in which you will resort to the comfy and toasty calf-length knit dress, paired with a net bag (just for added air of casualness). Class things up with a cute vintage broche or a locket and seal the deal with either a pair of sneakers, such as this fashionista or take a more rain-proof route with the trendy black slouch boots that will slightly elevate the look, both literally and figuratively.

We believe that we have got you covered with the basics, and now you’re ready to fly on your own like Anne Hathaway did by the end of Devil Wears Prada. Don’t let us down.


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