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“World Fusión”

smart dresses madrid

“World Fusion” is the name of Smart Dresses Madrid new capsule collection. This collection connects different cultures, places and ambiances that inspire its designer, Andra Hoefkens.

smart dresses madrid

“I am convinced that fusion makes us grow as a person and enriches our lives”

With this collection Smart Dresses Madrid continues it philosophy to create timeless and very exclusive garments for self-confident women who know what they want and look for making a difference in their daily outfit. “World Fusion“ has a special focus on Total Looks.

smart dresses madrid

“I continue working with high quality natural materials “, says Andra Hoefkens.

The basis for this collection is the 100% viscose of a very high quality designed by Smart Dresses Madrid and exclusively produced for the brand in France. It is a light and supple fabric that gives femininity and sophistication to our products. For this collection some wool qualities and cotton based velvet acquired in Spain were added. The production is realized in high standard ateliers from Madrid. This way Smart Dresses offers an European product, 100% made in Spain.

smart dresses madrid

Every fabric that is used in the new collection “World Fusión“ comes from a personal source of inspiration of the designer:

smart dresses madrid

“The open spaces and colors of the fields in the Wild West of America are reflected in the fabric ´Wild West Flowers´.

The gentleness and  authenticity of Japanese culture is symbolized  in the ´Japanese Painting´ fabric.

The elegance and femininity of Paris, the charm of its shop windows and avenues inspired me for the fabric ´French Lace´.

“ The connection I feel with the universe in a Bedouin tent under the stars in the desert,  is reflected in the ´Arab Mystics´ fabric.

The magic and sensuality of Persia influenced me to design the fabric ´1001 Nights´.”

 smart dresses madrid

[su_quote]I wish you to find your own inspiration in our new fabrics and models![/su_quote]

Make Today Amazing

Andra Hoefkens, Designer

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