little bunnies

We all like to give the little ones the best start in life and I tried a vast array of products on my two little niece’s and the eldest had great fun picking out her favourites. Myself and my eldest niece hand picked products both kind and safe to use,  you will find a varied selection for both babies and kids in our feature.

little bunnies

Little Bunnies are lovely natural and organic products, the selection above being a shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner and hair serum are fantastic. If your child has flat or limp hair I would recommend you to use the shampoo and conditioner which is suitable for all hair types. If your child has very dry curly hair use the full range of the shampoo, conditioner and apply the curl cream on wet hair and use the serum in between days to keep the curls frizz-free.

This full set was €22.71 and is currently on sale for €13.61 the have different packages for straight/normal hair which is currently on sale too.

You can purchase on Little Bunnies

kids brushes

Mini-U brought out these brushes recently and they are brilliant for detangling the hair without pulling or dragging the child’s hair.

Available on Mini-U and they have a sale on most products as well on the mini brush and large brush set.

natural family co

Natural Family Co are relatively new and suitable for kids aged 2yrs+ and all the family, Natural Family Co are the sister company of Jack ‘n’ Jill. The toothpaste has no fluoride, SLS free, sugar free and no preservatives.

Available on Natural Family Co

tooth brushes for kids

These tooth brushes are so cool! Any kid would love their range they have boys toothbrushes pictured above and girlie Hello Kitty one’s and the fun part is they teach kids how long to brush their teeth when the click the button/bottom of the tooth brush the light goes on for two minutes. The recommended time we all should be brushing our teeth for.

You can purchase B.Brite Toothbrushes  on Amazon and I can see these reaching pharmacists soon!

earth friendly baby


Earth Friendly Baby are extremely soft on the skin and

Lavender has great properties to relax both us and babies bodies, this is the perfect toddler bath time bubble bath and is 99.2% natural and organic.

You can purchase on Boots for €7.49

bath bombs for kids

I think every child loves bath bombs and Mini-U are extremely skin friendly and price wise their a steal and currently on sale on Mini-U and all their products have no parabens, SLS/SLES.

baby moisturer

Childs Farm Baby Moisturiser is suitable for newborn’s and kids suffering with sensitive and eczema prone skin. It has no parabens, SLS/SLES.

You can purchase on Mc Cabes Pharmacy  for €4.95

diaper rash ointment

I’ve always been a fan of Ziaja and I can’t think of a more natural diaper rash ointment, It has no colorants and is alcohol free. Suitable for newborn babies and forms a protective layer on the skin creating the perfect barrier for wetness.

You can purchase on Original Beauty

And retails at €3.49


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