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Ziaja Phyto Aktiv Skin Care

Ziaja is a brand which was created by a Polish pharmacist, Mr. Zenon Ziaja.

I loved this line so much not only does it work to prevent capillary walls, it also reduces redness, protects and reduces wrinkles, I highly recommend this skin care line and let’s be honest we all have the fear of getting capillary walls commonly know as spider veins. I’m fortunate enough only to have a small few, but Mum has a few more than me, so I introduced her to ‘Ziaja Phyto Aktiv’ and the results are very good hence why I’m choosing to write about this lovely skincare line and It’s extremely purse friendly!

I can personally see the difference on her and me and is available in all local pharmacy’s, Shaws stores and online. I found this to work very effectively compared to high end products, but like anything in skincare you need to use the full range to get it’s full potential. Below I have pictures of the full range, steps to use and pricing.

Step 1. Use ‘Phyto Aktiv’ cleanser apply dry and rinse of with a wet muslin cloth. Price €4.49

Step 2. Use a cotton pad and your ‘Phyto Aktiv’ toner to a freshly cleansed face to close the pores and prep it for a face mask or your choice of moisturizer be it ‘Phyto Aktiv’ day time moisturizer or night moisturizer. Price €4.49

skin care line

Step 3. Once a week use the ‘Phyto Aktiv’ face mask after your cleanser and toner apply the mask to a dry face. And follow with your choice of moisturizer from ‘Phyto Aktiv’  Face mask is only 69c.

skin care products

Use in the morning after your cleanser and toner and apply to a dry face to use your ‘Phyto Aktiv’ day moisturizer. €6.99

And at night finish the day off with your night cream, please apply to a dry face after your cleanse and tone. Price €6.99

You can purchase on  Shaws stores and Pharmacy’s nationwide.


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