Aesthetic medicine has improved a bunch during the last decade and more and more people are becoming open to it. The change is particularly visible in Australia where the number of treatments has spiked in the last 5 years. This is partly due to the general atmosphere of how “everyone’s doing it” and it’s no longer a taboo. On the other hand, all the beauty and fab coming from celebrities all over the internet really makes you wish you were as gorgeous as them, so the pressure of the media is also doing its part. In addition, cosmetic treatments are moving away from the scalpel which was the only reason some people still refrained from them. Nowadays, many procedures are done with lasers and injections, which makes the whole experience more appealing and friendly.

Zit destroyer

Nothing can ruin your important life event photos as much as pimples. We’ve all had the unpleasant experience. Regardless of our best efforts to clean our skin every day a month before the event, treat it with all sorts of face creams, peelings and whatnots, they just come out of the blue the day before to ruin everything. Luckily, there are liquid savers that can eliminate a zit shockingly fast. A cortisone shot can shrink zits within 48 hours. However, sometimes that’s just not fast enough and our celebrities know this best. They use the original treatment combined with intense pulsed light and the combination gives results twice as fast.

Efficient tattoo removal

Many of us have had that moment of clarity and made the impulse decision to have a tattoo that we’re no longer proud of and would much rather have it removed. However, the treatment has been inefficient for years. Luckily, nowadays, the technique has become much better. You just need to find a trustworthy, renowned expert to do it. Of course, some cities are luckier than others in this area. For example, Australians should know they can get the best tattoo removal in Sydney so they can travel in order to have the most effective treatment.

Head-to-toe facial

Adriana Lima uses this trick before any major event. This full body facial starts off with a round of microdermabrasion, followed by a laser treatment that boosts the production of new collagen. This is later followed by a peel consisting of glycolic acid and lavender essence for a soothing effect. After that, some serums and creams are applied that keep the skin extra hydrated. The results are amazing and instant. The skin looks stunningly radiant and the effect is long-lasting.

Electric facial

If you feel like some celebrities glow as if someone plugged them in, your impression isn’t necessarily wrong. Electric treatments are used to boost skin radiance, kill acne bacteria and eliminate brown spots and dark circles. You may have heard of using microcurrent treatments, however, there is a new and improved method – the nanocurrent. The goal is to imitate the signal that is produced by our brain in deep delta sleep. This is the frequency that initiates repair.

Botox lite

Feared but extremely wanted, Botox treatments are still a very controversial subject. For instance, many stars are forbidden from using it due to the ridiculous and unpleasant effect of face freezing. Nobody wants to see a celebrity unable to express any emotion. This is why many contracts contain a clause of the strictly forbidden use of the treatment. Nevertheless, people still use it and it has become more advanced as the methods have changed. Nowadays, a smaller quantity is injected but on several spots on the face. This way, the face muscles maintain the ability to move, but the wrinkles are still reduced. These treatments don’t seem scary at all. They do cost a lot of money, of course, but they have become available not just to celebrities. Naturally, we mortals aren’t as high maintenance as the stars of the red carpet, but we can treat ourselves with a little something from this list from time to time.


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