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Russia it is the boundless natural spaces, large and small cities with its urban nature. It is a green wormwood, pungent tar, warm and enveloping cedar, sweet-scented willow-herb and dusty hayloft with dried herbs, Russian steam bath with birch twigs, soft wet fog with an admixture of raw land. It is a wooden country house, warm church incense and honey candles.


In modern metropolitan cities scents vary according to the season. Only the smell of the underground remains unchanged: bitter, oily wood-coal creosote, which is an impregnated railway sleeper. In the summer you can smell hot poured asphalt, rubber tires, narcissus, lime blossom and mint tea. Autumn is full of fruits and flower smells such as apples and pears, chrysanthemums, heavy rain, damp earth, rotting leaves and cognac. Winter smells of fresh and milky snow, juicy tangerines and Christmas tree, expectation of a miracle, chocolate candies, champagne and vodka. Spring is filled with aromas of melting snow, bitter-scented hyacinths, fluffy mimosa, white sparkling wine, fresh tulips and love.

What perfume trends can be found in urban residents? Russian men prefer fresh and woody scents. Most often on the street you can catch the trail of Terre d’Hermes, Dior Fahrenheit and L’Eau Kenzo Intense pour Homme. Women love rich, sweet, floral and fruity aromas: Chloe Eau de Toilette Chloe, Coco Chanel, Champs Elysees Guerlain. This trend existed for many years. In the days of my childhood (late eighties-early nineties) throughout the city have soared scents of Cobra Jeanne Arthes and Poison Christian Dior. Those days I thought that a true woman should smell by fruits, honey and white flowers. Now I understand that a woman can be different. Nowadays in theaters and restaurants you can smell more refined and rare scents such as Noir de Noir Tom Ford, Cuirs Carner Barcelona, Acqua di Parma Profumo, Back to Black by Kilian Aphrodisiac, Honour AmouageBandit Robert Piguet. The only thing that remains constant is a long and heavy trail of perfume. However, against the background of a bright image of a woman perfumes sound quite in harmony, revealing the strength and power of her soul.

The aromas of my childhood are connected, first of all, with the baking – delicious pies and buns, which my grandmother baked, raspberry jam with fragrant foam on the stove, hot rye bread. It is the smell of snow with an admixture of iron and an unfulfilled dream, a damp cellar with ghosts, honey drink and other homemade alcohol that was cooked in almost every apartment, and the fragrance could be recognized even at the entrance of the house.

Bread, Russia
Jeux de Peau, by Serge Lutens

Today these flavors can be found in modern niche brands:

Fresh bread can be found at Jeux de Peau, by Serge Lutens

The aroma of freshly baked bread in combination with delicate woody notes is very gentle and unobtrusive. It soothes an uneasy mind and gives a feeling of comfort of warmth.

Raspberry jam with fragrant foam  was created by Demeter Fragrances in Raspberry Jam. When I don’t have time for a toast with raspberry jam, I can just sniff the juce from the bottle and get the feeling that I already had it. That’s a good way to trick the brain.

Honey drink I can easily recognize at Mio Bjao by Pierre Guillaume.  It smells so natural that even bees flyes to my room, when I use it.

Mio Bjao


Having all the scents from my childhood in the bottles helps me to feel happy and joyful, because when we were children the sky seemed to be bluer and the grass was greener. Now I can recover all these feelings at my present being and make the life more colorful and bright.



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