Boost collagen production with Oskia’s nutrient and bio-active rich serum.

What is it?

After nearly three years of intensive development, Oskia has developed a powerful blend of 16 super nutrients and bio-actives to benefit multiple ageing concerns. From reduced pigmentation to fine lines and wrinkles, Super 16 works to increase collagen production. Keeping inline with the brands philosophy of delivering beauty nutritionally, Super 16 delivers broad-spectrum, targeted nutrients including vitamins, minerals and proteins to improve skin health.

Derived from Indian Babchi seeds, one of the key ingredients in the formulation in Bakuchiol. Harnessed in by Oskia this potent ingredient is heralded as the new natural alternative to retinol due to it’s ability to deliver the same three key anti-aging benefits, reversing the signs of ageing, preventing future damage and reducing symptoms of problem skin- but without the issues typically associated with retinol use such as skin sensitivity, inflammation and retinoid dermatitis. Breakthrough  Bakuchiol, alongside 15 other potent bio-actives, makes Super 16 an Industry’s first in the skincare market.

To purchase this one of a kind product click here and it comes in two sizes starting at only £18.00 to £85.00.


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