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Plastic surgery is getting more and more popular and available, and over the last few years, it became established which body parts of which celebrities are the most desirable among people. Many people go to their plastic surgeon with a photo of a certain celebrity followed by the words: “I want a nose like that” or “I want breasts just like hers”. Without further ado, here is the ultimate body part list.

Jennifer Aniston’s nose

jennifer aniston nose

Even though the nose is the easiest part of our face to change, it is one of the most frustrating parts of it too. If you take 50 different noses and try them on one person, you will get 50 different persons. In other words, it is clear that the right nose shape is important. Many people just can’t get over Jennifer Aniston’s perky but not too small nose, because it works great on almost every face.

Angelina Jolie’s lips

angelina jolie lips

Lately, society has been all over those plump and luscious lips. The shape and size of the lips can either make or break the face. Lips that are too thin will make the face look mean and weak, while lips that are too big (by that we mean overfilled with lip fillers) just look plain ridiculous. And when speaking of lips, of course everyone’s first association is Angelina Jolie. Perfectly full and balanced – these are the lips the majority of people are wishing for.

Halle Berry’s chin

halle berry

Since Halle Berry is considered one of the most naturally beautiful women in the entire world, it isn’t such a surprise that many women request to have a part of her body copied onto theirs. And one of the most requested Halle Berry parts is definitely her gorgeous chin and jawline.

Megan Fox’s eyebrows

megan fox eyebrows

Eyebrow shape can do wonders for the overall look of a face. However, the problem is that many women are obsessively following all the eyebrow trends that are rapidly changing. So one year it is all about super thin eyebrows while the next it is all about embracing the natural bush. Finally, all the plucking results in having no eyebrows and having to get new ones, and the most frequently requested are Megan Fox’s that are neither too thick nor too thin.

Jessica Simpson’s breasts

jessica simpson breasts

Breast augmentation as well as breast lift surgeries are probably two of the most common and most popular types of plastic surgery, and Jessica Simpson has won the game. Her perfectly rounded, high breasts that are just the right size are admired by both men and women. So, it is no news that they have become the ultimate blueprint for every woman who wants to have a sexy bust.

Alessandra Ambrosio’s abs

alessandra ambrosio abs

Abs can also be seen as a badge of honor, because they are the result of discipline and commitment, as well as countless hours of working out and sweating your bum off. And we all know that getting that six-pack is not nearly an easy task. They don’t just appear overnight. The Victoria’s Secret angel and Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio knows this and probably spends the majority of her days in the gym – after all, her job is to look as perfect as she does. However, people who want a faster way to achieve a beautiful stomach take her photo as a blueprint for their body sculpting treatment.

Beyonce’s bum

beyonce ass

Finally, in the era of slim waists and big bums, many women are craving for that high and nicely rounded backside. And since most of them just aren’t blessed by the bum gods, they crack their piggy bank and go straight to their plastic surgeon with a printed photo of Bey’s bodacious bum for him to use as a blueprint. Surgeons will follow the blueprint by using either implants or injections and the woman on the table is going to proudly walk away with her new bum.

However, note that no matter how good your plastic surgeon is, he can’t do magic. You have to appreciate and love yourself for who you are, rather than trying to look like somebody else’s exact copy.



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