No one knows better how to deal with stress and how to relax like a boss than celebrities. Even people who have everything they could want and don’t have to worry about work, money and security deal with stress and anxiety from time to time (the pressure of being famous is not easy to handle). So if you want to know how your favorite stars relax, here are a few testimonials you can try out in your free time as well. 

Take a short silent retreat

One of the top models of the fashion scene, Gisele Bundchen is a huge fan of retreats (I mean, who isn’t). Whenever she feels overwhelmed and burdened by modern society, this megastar decides to take a weekend off and go to a silent retreat. This physical and mental detox helps her with her immune system and keeps her healthy and fresh. If you have a free weekend coming up, why not leave everything at home and try a silent 2-day getaway (it doesn’t have to be super expensive). 

Try aromatherapy

According to Haley Bennett, essential oils are, well essential for her relaxation. She is especially fond of lavender, a well-known aid in relaxation, and she loves to put a drop on her pillow before bedtime or nap. And another benefit of essential oils is that you can always bring them with you—they fit into every purse. If you personally don’t like lavender, you can opt for other scents with relaxation properties like jasmine, vanilla, sage, lemon and cinnamon.

Go to therapy for mental health

One of the healthiest things you can do for your mind is to see a therapist, no matter if you need help or not. According to Mandy Moore, going to therapy is her favorite type of self-care, especially when she’s feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. Talking to a professional is a great way to spill all your emotions, get guidance on how to deal with them and learn how to heal yourself in the future. 

Book a good massage

We all know how relaxing a good massage can be, and so does Jessica Alba. Alba loves the relief of good face and eye massages that leave her looking fresh and ready for shooting, but actually any massage is great for relaxation, anxiety and depression. If you don’t want to pay for Alba’s exclusive massage therapist, you can simply invest in an eye massager machine that will help relieve tired, strained and tense eyes after a long day of computer work. And the best thing is that you can bring this massage gadget with you in the office, use it on the plane or anywhere in between.  

Take a warm bath

Who are you going to ask for relaxation advice other than Gwyneth Paltrow, the queen of wellness herself. While Paltrow has many unconventional ways to relax, one is very real, affordable and accessible for all of us—taking a simple bath before bed. She takes a bath every night before bedtime as a ritual to get grounded and wash off all the energy of the day. Paltrow likes to put in all sorts of salts, oils and scrubs, but you can take your bath however you like it, as long as it’s nice and warm. 


Ask any celebrity how they love to relax and they will mention meditation. Whether they really do it or just think it’s hip to say they do, that’s not on us to investigate, but we can all put their theory to test and take a few deep breaths. Meditation is accessible, free and easy, but if you need to be guided, you can download a meditation app or play a YT video with instructions. 

Kick some ass

According to Demi Lovato, there’s no better way to relax than to spar with someone and really get your sweat on. They are a fan of Brazilian Jiujitsu because it always keeps them on their toes. “It’s like a human chess game. You’re constantly thinking”, says Demi, who loves to get their brain stimulated for more successful dealing with stress in the future. Plus, you get to empty all that negative energy and feel fit and refreshed after your session. 

Did you think that celebrities have some outrageous ways to relax? These tips are all pretty normal yet effective, so feel free to try them out the next time you feel overwhelmed. 


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