regatta great outdoors

As I walked through Red Square the lovely Regatta Store in Waterford City stood out so  beautifully, I couldn’t help but see the crowd eagerly waiting for the opening day. As I entered we were all greeted by the lovely Store Assistants and the Beat FM team. The shop was fully stocked, very well laid out and to me the store is an outdoor person’s paradise. It was very easy to choose clothing/footwear as there was no need to search through rails as it was easy to see what you wanted to purchase.

regatta waterford

The lovely Austin Gleeson a local and very talented Waterford hurler opened the Regatta Great Outdoors store as tradition comes. Irish hurler Austin Glesson cut the ribbon with all the Waterford Regatta Great Outdoors team. Beat FM were on hand giving customers a nice setting with a live D.J in store.


Austin Glesson regatta
Austin Glesson

The mood was perfect, it was exciting to see a reliable brand in Waterford City in the very popular Red Square, the perfect area for shoppers alike. The excitement if you could bottle it was amazing! The first 100 customers received a free Regatta fleece and the store had a very generous discount and everyone was taking full advantage of the 50% off throughout the store. Those who missed today’s discount will still be lucky as they will be running a discount to their customers throughout the store for the weekend.


regatta great outdoors

Regatta Great Outdoors had an excellent opening day, If you want to be protected due to our unpredictable Irish weather be it a hike in the mountains or if your just looking for good quality clothing, Regatta Great Outdoors will keep you super warm and will also protect you from wind/rain keep it stylish with Regatta Great Outdoors.

The Dare 2B collection is also available in the Waterford Store designed for those going on a skiing holiday, Dare 2B will be sure to make you look ever so glamorous on the slopes a must have in my opinion.

Are you Regatta winter ready?!


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