Hair extensions are a great solution for those who don’t have thick enough hair, or for those who would like to quickly switch from a short to a long do, without much trouble. Considering that hair extensions are so practical, you should do your best to keep them alive for a long time. Just like your hair, the hair extensions require much care and protection in order to offer a natural and gorgeous look. From washing, through nourishing, and combing, make sure you maintain your extensions properly, using a few helpful tips.


When you need a temporary solution for having long hair, clip-on extensions are the best option. In order to make them last as long as possible, remove them from your hair, and brush them gently every night, before you go to bed. With a mild shampoo and conditioner, wash the extensions once a month if you don’t use them very often, or even up to once a week if you constantly clip them on and off. It’s essential that you dampen them with lukewarm water first, and shampoo them using a downward motion to avoid tangling. Let the extensions dry out on their own, in a well-ventilated area and don’t brush them while they’re still wet. Comb them once they’re all dry, and start from the ends and work your way up. Moisturize them with a leave-in conditioner to avoid frizziness. If you’d like to style the extensions, do it before you clip them onto your hair, and don’t wear a ponytail unless the extensions are made to be worn that way, because they will fall apart.



Sewed in hair

When it comes to sewed in extensions, they provide a long-term solution to thin, weak hair, offering you gorgeous locks and a highly glamorous look. Take care of the extensions by detangling them with a wide toothed brush or a special brush before you go to bed. Don’t comb the hair from the roots, but start at the ends, and work your way up just as you’d do with a clip-on. Be gentle when washing your hair, and try not to touch the sewn part of the hair. Don’t apply the conditioner on the part where the extensions connect with your hair, because the product may cause the extensions to fall out. Having hair extensions means that now you’ll need twice as much time to dry it, since you’re dealing with twice as much hair. So, don’t rush it, and make sure you dry your hair well, to prevent the extensions from loosening. Don’t forget to put on a sleeping cap before you go to sleep, to avoid tugging them out and frizzing during the night.

Natural vs. synthetic hair

Natural hair requires a lot of care, so it’s essential that you know which product to use when you have human hair extensions. If you opt for virgin hair, make sure you order hair extensions online from Australia to get the best quality hair that will last up to two years. When you dry the hair out, move the towel in a downward motion from the roots to the ends, instead of rubbing it. If you suddenly want to change the colour of your hair, make sure you go to a stylist, because they’ll use a special colour made for extensions and preserve them better. Hair extensions don’t mix well with chlorine and salt water, so make sure you wear a swimming cap every time you’re in the water, to avoid the extensions tangling and matting up. On the other hand, synthetic hair is much more sensitive, gets dull quickly, and it doesn’t last as long as the virgin hair does, so it requires special conditioners and softeners to keep it shiny. Use shampoos specialized for this type of hair. Synthetic extensions are prone to melting, so avoid using a straightening or curling iron on them.

Just as you take care of your hair, you must be gentle with hair extensions to make them last a long time. Wash them, comb them, and nourish them regularly, and you’ll have gorgeous locks even up to a year.



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