The choice of your lipstick can make or break your entire make-up look, so it’s essential that you know which colour suits you best. From your complexion through the shape of your lips and to the rest of the make-up you’ve chosen to put on, various elements will affect the way your lipstick looks on you. Therefore, make sure you know how to choose the perfect shade for you, and complete your look flawlessly.

Know your complexion

To avoid making huge mistakes with your lipstick choice, make sure you know whether you have a warm, neutral or cool undertone. One way to find that out is to look at your veins on the underside of your wrist. If they’re blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone and you will look great with blue- or purple-shaded lipsticks. Just make sure you don’t go for too light a shade, because you may look washed out. On a warm undertone, the veins will appear green, while those with a neutral skin tone will have trouble deciding between the two. Warm shades of lip colours will look best on a warm undertone, so go for orangey-red hues. If you have a neutral undertone, you can use colours from either the warm or the cool spectrum, and look fabulous wearing either berry red, mauve, nude or orangey hues.

The shape of your lips

If you have thin lips, then you’ll want your lipstick to make them fuller, so avoid deep dark shades. Light-to-medium shades are your perfect choice in this case. Tinted glosses and creamy lipstick will also visually plump up your pout. Dark shades are a good choice for those with fuller lips, because they won’t make them look thinner, but will only make a statement to your look.

Look at your teeth too

If your teeth aren’t sparkly white, the wrong choice of lipstick can only make them look more yellow. Nude, peachy and red shades with orange undertone are not the best choices for yellowish teeth, because the orangey tones will only bring out the unflattering colour of your teeth. To make your teeth a shade lighter, stick to red lipsticks with blue undertones, as well as to those in pink hues. However, the best solution for your oral health would be to look for an excellent Bondi dentist and let them take care of your smile. With a thorough treatment, you will get a gorgeous smile and any lipstick shade will look gorgeous on you.

Choose the shade for every occasion

While you may love your vamp purple lipstick, it’s not the best idea to wear it to a job interview, for example. For a day at the office, red lips with a matching suit can be a powerful combination. Soft pink shades will complement a dove-grey suit perfectly, while rose and plum shade will flatter your navy blue outfit best. For everyday wear, make sure you pay attention to your hair colour as well when you choose your lipstick colour. Light plum or even a peach shade will look gorgeous on a brunette, and will be the perfect final touch to a casual outfit. Blondes, on the other hand, should go for pretty pink and subtle red shades to match their blouse. If you’re a redhead, consider wearing creamy nudes or soft rose shades for the best effect.

Picking out a perfect lipstick colour can be challenging, but with these tips, it’s going to be more than manageable. Therefore, try to determine your skin undertone first, and base your choice on that. Pick the colour to flatter your teeth and your lips, and make sure you wear an appropriate shade of lipstick to every occasion.




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