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Dreaming of curly, soft, shiny curls? Fed up with unruly curly hair you can’t control?! The right products are a must when styling curly hair and that comes down to the right choice of products and care you put into it. Remember the less heat you apply the healthier your hair will look, put down the straighter and tame your curls, this year were going to see a major movement in natural textured hair.

Hydration Shampoo








Curl hydration from Phyto Specific is a rich hydrating Shampoo that gently cleanses as it replenishes moisture within the hair.




Curl Hydrating Mask is packed with fortifying mango oil and plant narrow allowing it to supply the hair with moisture and powerful anti-oxidants.

Energizing Cream

Phyto Curl cream will energise your hair with this velvety cream created to define and separate and soften every curl type.

You can purchase all the Phyto Speific range here and Look Fantastic

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