mother's day

For most people, parents are the most important figures in our lives, and we have a very special connection with our moms. That’s why every year we have a day that we dedicate to celebrating them as carers, providers and simply as the amazing women they are. But if there’s already too big of a collection in your home of “World’s best mom” mugs and pillows, it’s time to think about a more unique gift for her. And if she is interested in the ins and outs of fashion, then here are some things that she will love:



Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: buying someone who loves clothes new outfits will always be a win. Being close to your mom gives you the perfect opportunity to figure out what she already has in her closet and how she’d like to update it. If there’s a piece she’s been longing for but never bought because it’s more of a treat than an essential, now’s the time to get it for her.

You can also set her up a prepaid appointment with a tailor who will design and create a perfect piece for her. In the end, if you yourself are not that involved in fashion, getting her a gift card for her favorite shop will still get you some points. Plan a whole shopping trip together and have some fun together – even if you don’t like shopping, you’re spending time with her, and that should be enough.



Your mom probably already has quite a collection of different pieces that she wears more or less often, and it’s time to start paying attention to that. Does she ever complain about lacking a piece that is a different length or color, or has she lost her favorite earrings? Thing like these can be clues, but they don’t have to be your guidelines. There’s nothing sweeter than getting her something with a message saying “I think this will look beautiful on you”. You can bet that she will plan whole new outfits just to be able to wear that.

You can also find personalized Mother’s Day gifts such as necklaces and bracelets, where you can engrave a special message. If you do – remember to be original. Don’t just put her name or a generic phrase, but really dig deep and find something special to you. Perhaps the first line of a song she used to sing to you to fall asleep or a piece of life advice she keeps repeating. Something like that will mean the world to her and you can bet that she will cherish it for a long time.

Fashion history


People who love fashion are usually interested in every aspect of it, not just dressing up. Try to find some experiences that are related to fashion, like a tour around your city that includes the important fashion spots or designers, tickets to a fashion show or fashion week or even a lecture at the local college about fashion through history. Things like these will show that you really care for the hobby she has, and you do not just understand it on a surface level. It’s also a great way to spend time together. If you can’t find an experience, you can still get her something like a beautifully illustrated book on fashion history or an online course about fashion that she can take in her free time.

Get creative


If you have some time on your hands and want to make something very special, you can start in advance and collect important pieces of clothing from your family, like your baby clothes, her wedding dress, etc. Then you can either take that to a tailor and see if they can make something out of it that your mom would like to wear today, or you can just put bits and pieces in a special box so she can always look through it and remember the history of your family through clothing. If you are in any way altering something like her wedding dress, make sure she’s okay with that and isn’t saving it for something else.

Every mom deserves to be recognized and praised, and there’s no better way of doing that than devoting time to make something that will be really personal to her and involve a hobby she loves, so make sure you’re putting in some effort.


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